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  • Hi,

    Yes, the profit is 100% yours when you sell the ebooks..

    Also, I have an affiliate program (bonus on top of ebooks and separate from the ebooks) where if you sell the smaller version on ebay you keep 100% and if you sell the larger one (what I sold you) using clickbank you make 70% of the sale..

    So, you could sell for $29.95 and keep basically over $20 bucks if you sell it through clickbank (you open a clickbank account) and then you get checks from them when they sell..


    Anthony W.

    --- On Sun, 7/20/08, <> wrote:
    From: <>
    Subject: Re: Question when the ebooks sell
    Date: Sunday, July 20, 2008, 1:41 AM

    ?  When  we   buy the  ebook  business and start with  29.95  and then    pay  $5.95 a  month to  you,  When  we  sell  the  books on the  web-site  is a  100% of  the  profit  ours?

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