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  • Hi Alfredo,

    Thanks for writing back..  Sure, I can show you a snapshot per se of my account right now.. 

    I put in $500.. I have about $1500 in ad packages after about 3 or 4 weeks..  I am making about $17 a day off it in interest..

    Then, I have also made about another $100 to $200 in sales on my ads that are rotating in their system..  As you are buying ad units to advertise your products.. 

    So, the main money is to be made in sales, but you also make money in 1% a day from your ad units..  And then you also make money in signups.. 

    Server Time:  22nd July 2008 Tuesday 12:25:01am Member account #41106
    Name: Anthony W.    [Edit profile]
    Email address:
    Targeting categories: [Targeting categories]
    Registration date: 07 June 2008
    Purchase Ad Package: [Upgrade]
    Membership Level: Exec. VIP (expires 25 August 2008) [renew]  [upgrade]
    Current Ad Package: $1,547.00
    Credit Balance: 0 credits   
    Cash Balance: $7.98   [Request cashout]
    My Referrer: Fredrick Miller (ID: 17432)  
    IP address:  

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 7/21/08, Alfredo I. Cortez, Jr. <> wrote:
    From: Alfredo I. Cortez, Jr. <>
    Subject: Re: Ebook Business.
    Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 7:43 PM


    Thanks for the info.  I'll check it out!  I'm always looking for ways to help me as I serve in the ministry.

    By the way, please update my email address to:

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, how much have you made so far with the program you are sharing with me?



    -- "Godrules_NET" <> wrote:

    I am not sure if you remember me, but I was the guy that sold you the powerseller ebook business a while back.
    I wanted to present you with something I learned of just recently, which I am pretty excited about.  It is a new wealth building program I learned of.
    Generally, I am totally brazen about such things, as I have seen a lot of stuff and am pretty hard to convince..  Actually, when I first heard about this, I just assumed it was likely bunk like all the others.. 
    However, since I was coaching the guy, I decided hear him out, as maybe there was more to it..  After a bit, I started to realize, this is actually good and legitimate and actually really can make some serious money if done right! 
    And, its sort of a no brainer, in that even if you do nothing you make some money..  Thats something that is pretty unheard of, as you can imagine..  You don't make a ton doing just the minimum, but even a 6 year old could do the minimum as all that is required is like 5 minutes of ad surfing a day..  Anyone can do that much atleast..
    I signed up for it and I put $500 into it a couple weeks ago.   I have already made over $450 in two weeks time off only $500 initial investment (it lasts a minimum of 3 months).
    To Signup:
    Video explaining how it works: 
    OK, long story short, this is how no brainer the above opportunity is..  After 125 days, if you do nothing but the 5 minutes of surfing a day, you will double whatever amount of money you have already put into it..   So, lets say I put in $500..  I would have like $1000+ by the end of 125 days, assuming all I do is the 5 minutes a day of surfing..
    You maybe wondering why I already have made $500 off $500, right?  Its only been two weeks, not 125 days.  Well, its because I got referral bonuses when I signed up people under me.  So, you also can make a killing just signing up people below you, when they buy ad units.
    OK, now that $500 is sort of like an investment..  They call it ad units and actually match you 25%..  And you make 1% or more a DAY off that $500 bucks..  So, you would have 625 ad units (with 25% match) and you would make $6.25 or more a day..   So, everyday, you will be making $6 to $9 a day off it which you can put in your actual bank, etc..   Or, you can take that $6 to $9 a day and buy more ad units.. 
    Now, here is the kicker.. If you sign people up below you, you get portions of the money they make also..  So, like if you signed up a guy below you and they put in $1000 bucks, you would automatically get $100 bucks and you would also get automatically the same level of sign up they have (so if you started with a free account or put only like $10 bucks in and signed up some guy below you for $1000, you would get the same membership level as they have AUTOMATICALLY and you would get a $100 referral bonus and you would get a small fraction of the interest they make on top of all that)..  ALSO, you receive the 25% match in your ad units.  So not only do you receive the $100, you also recieve 250 more ad units (which you make 1+% a day off of for 125 days).  So, technically, you received $350 in cash and ad units just signing up one guy who puts in $1000.
    Now, that may sound a little confusing, but it seriously kicks butt once you digest it all.  
    Video and audio explaining how it works:
    Chart of Levels: 
    The ad units what are they?   Well, you have to have a product..  So, those ad units you are also getting to advertise your own product..  And, that 5 minutes a day of surfing, you are actually surfing other people's ad unit products..  
    To give you an idea, I have already made about $150 or more off these rotating ads in sales!  So, not only am I making money off the 1% interest and the signups, but also straight cash from sales of my products from the ads!  That is THREE ways in which to make money!
    One guy I know, he started with $1000..  He already has about 45,000 ad units..  Each ad unit is worth $1..  Guess how much a day he is putting in the bank?   $400 to $500 A DAY!
    He signed up a ton of people below him..  Like 170 or so.  To give you an idea, I have already signed up 8 and I am not even really putting any time at all into it (until now).   Now, he did it SIMPLY by talking to them like I am doing here..  AND, he is making additional money off them, as he gets a fraction of what they make as well, because they are below him (10% of whatever the people below you put in)! 
    So, the guy had so many people signed up after the first month, he POCKETED $4000 bucks!!!   No joke!  He signed up some "big fish", but shoot, if you can even pocket $500 off a $500 investment and still have your ad investment and also more money coming in, that is really awesome.  Probably one of the better guys, but man, even if I did 1/3 or 1/4 that good, I would be doing awesome!
    And from talking to him, he is not doing any special magic and does not have some sort of strange advantage.  About the only thing I can see that he does that makes him stand out is he emails people regularly about it and he is positive.  That is literally all he seems to do differently than everyone else.  Like every other day, he emails those below him.
    And, as you can imagine, I have been selling online for 7 years.   I don't fall for ANY scams anymore, period..  I know how to research anyone to see if they are scammer, legit, etc..
    I did research on this company.   I used and searched on the owners name (Andy Bowdoin), the company name (Ad Surf Daily "ASD"), etc..  Virtually no entries.  I saw one and the guy was complaining about some technical error where he put in some money and only recieved 98.3% of the money.  Somehow, 1.7% was lost in translation.  So, a minor glitch, which I am guessing has already been fixed.  I personally have had no problems and have not seen anyone else name any problems.. 
    Do it yourself..  Check out the company on the website..  Their name is ASD Cash Generator..   The name of the owner is Andy Bowdoin.   Any questions, just call me:   PH: 260-486-7345.
    Now, type in any of those "TV Infomercial" guys, you will see like 50 to 200 entries for those guys..  Try Carlton Sheets or Don Lapre..  Tons of entries..
    So, this company, the owner, have NO REAL COMPLAINTS about scamming..  Zero..   VERY very good sign from my experience.   All scammers end up reported on
    This guy has been running for a few years has like 30,000+ people signed up into his program..  So, if you have 30,000+ customers and keep them all happy, that is a very good sign. 
    Check it out..  Contact me if you are interested in signing up!
    My phone is:  260-486-7345.   My email is
    Anthony W.

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