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  • Hi Jerry,

    Ok, lets start with the make money topic..  I will also talk about reverse engineering here..

    FIRST, I would basically find all the ebooks in my eBook vault that relate:
    SECOND, if you need more (usually set of 5 ebooks is good), you can find more on ebay here:
    A) Find the most valuable
    competitor (to analyze and get ideas from):
    B) Find his ebook or related for cheap here:
    Once you know the name or related you can do more specific searches to find the ebook and then can
    "sort by: Price: Lowest First" on the right top pull down menu.
    THIRD, you can find ebooks on Clickbank to buy here:
    Selling on ebay

    Username: ********
    Password: ********

    eBay Selling Secrets (13)
    e-Download File Sales Strategies/Tips
    Some others (you can get on ):
    97 eBay Success Secrets 
    e-Download File  Sales Strategies/Tips  eBay Ad Description 
    Automated eBay Biz, Easy Auctions & More 
    e-Download File  Sales Strategies/Tips  eBay Ad Description 
    Advanced eBay Selling Guide 
    e-Download File  Sales Strategies/Tips  eBay Ad Description 
    The Ultimate eBay Cash Machine 
    e-Download File  Sales Strategies/Tips  eBay Ad Description 
    Selling Online(many topics)
    My Early Days on the Net 
    Zip File(eBook, Ad, Icons, Etc.)  Sales Strategies/Tips 
    Adsense Empire 
    Zip File(eBook, Ad, Icons, Etc.)  Sales Strategies/Tips 
    Website Conversion Secrets 
    Zip File(eBook, Ad, Icons, Etc.)  Sales Strategies/Tips 
    36 Ways to Promote Your Favorite Affiliate Programs 
    Zip File(eBook, Ad, Icons, Etc.)  Sales Strategies/Tips 
    Web Marketing Explained 
    Zip File(eBook, Ad, Icons, Etc.)  Sales Strategies/Tips 
    And probably over 100 more..  Can't list them all here..  However, I would be on a specific topic anyways within making money on the net..  Making money on ebay is specific, however, there are many others also.. 
    From there, I would make an ad, where it looks like I am selling a unique informational product that trumps the others: different and better.
    I use the best materials from each indidual ebook ad and make one killer ad, as I mentioned above..
    I figure that out by doing searches on ebay's completed item history on the topic of my ebook set..
    For instance:

    You can learn a LOT from those who sell successfully at higher prices.. TAKE THOSE GUYS ON!!!!
    Look at the link above. What do you see? You see guys selling things for $27 bucks easily.. All the green ones are sales..
    Find those selling for high price that are
    making sales. REVERSE ENGINEER their ad. Why is it they are getting the sales?
    Reverse engineering..
    Pick a topic and reverse engineer current top sellers on ebay who are selling similar type informational products (whether broadly related or specifically)...
    1. The idea is to choose a few topics that fit the below parameters:   
    (Offers Solid Value to Customers):
    A. something that makes money(make money on ebay, etc)
    B. helps save money(at Disney, Vegas, plane tickets)
    C. helps to achieve a difficult goal(loose weight, great body, etc)
    D. helps to obtain something difficult(a way to have expensive items cheap, etc) 
    2. Reverse engineer what is selling well on ebay and make your own version..
    Do searches on ebay like the below and find the guy with all the sales (greens)..  Reds mean no sale, so ignore those..  The guy with the higher prices, lots of sales are the people you want to reverse engineer..   
    Poker (the one I see good is the poker software, if you could resell that)
    Texas Holdem:
    Same thing here.. There is this same software..  If you could sell some software like this, you can then obviously get lots of sales..
    Notice a lot of sales..  Either strategies or those stupid "enchanted" auctions.:
    When you analyze the competitors:

    Print out their ad, ask yourself what in their ad makes it sell.   Use deduction..  Circle all the things you think are making their ad sell..  Do this with multiple ads..  Then, put all those circled things in your ad..  You will be surprised at the results..  Standing on the shoulders of giants.. 
    3. Put Together the Product:
    Then, do this to take "commonly used ebooks" and turn them into "unique products":
    + Build compilation of ebooks, pdfs, etc on the topic as your "package". 
    So, you take a topic and then put say 5 ebooks on that topic within the "package"..  You name the package, but do NOT tell people what ebooks are included (as then they will just go find them for cheaper).. 
    See above my parameters in answer to number 1 you mentioned for best parameters for picking good topics..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Wed, 7/23/08, Jerry Hoskin <> wrote:
    From: Jerry Hoskin <>
    Subject: Re: ebook business and personal coaching ebay/business
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 9:54 AM

    I think I would like to try the ebook on making money on ebay

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