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  • HI Craig,

    I would say it looks good at face value..  Unique.. that is very important and it has it.. 

    Seems to say something different..  But, I am not some diet jumper, so I don't know how they would view it..

    To me, though, looks solid..  Will it make you rich?  Not sure..  Looks like it would get sales..

    $39.95 price is too high, though..

    I would say $9.95 to $29.95..  Not $39.95..  It will not get enough sales for sure at that price, and I know a lot about pricing information..

    Most will not pay $39.95, unless it is something of serious value..  And another diet to me does not strike me as serious enough to put $40 into it..

    Most would not sweat $7 or $10..   They might sweat $20..  With gas prices, everyone is sweating anymore..

    But, I saw a concept recently..  $7..  What is the price people are willing to throw away money on?

    $7 bucks?  Maybe it is true..  Or maybe if you did testing it would be $20 would make you more money overall.  Depends on the results..  I would do testing..


    EBAY for sure.. The traffic is there..  You can do trial and error.  YOu can look at your sales history..

    You can EVEN reverse engineer people already there selling diet plans.. Gage their ads, prices, get ideas from them..  Then, ad to yours..

    THEN, when you have it selling good on ebay, take the very same ad to your website..

    Then, you just need to worry about traffic to the webiste..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 7/21/08, Craig <> wrote:
    From: Craig <>
    Subject: Re: E-books question
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 1:03 PM

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for that. I found all that rather fascinating. I was having a bit of a play around with a concept page yesterday;  - Would that sell?

    Another issue that concerns me is the digital delivery of the product and to keep people from directly downloading the e-book without paying etc. I do know how to set up password protection on servers (htaccess), but I want to know if there's something you use to automate this process? Like automatically changing passwords every 48 hours or so.. What is the best way to deliver digital downloads when using ClickBank as the processor?

    The alternative I suppose is to use a Download protector that hides the download link by moving the file to a temporary location; -- I understand all this stuff as I used to be a computer programmer in another life/career.


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