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  • Hi Craig,

    However, ironically, I coach people on how to make such businesses for themselves.. 

    With the ebook business, I provide coaching..  If you are serious about making money online, I will tell you exactly what works, what doesn't work, what will make you money, etc..

    I have been doing it for 7 years with no job..

    Maybe you can join the ranks of people like me..  you have to love it to do it..

    People like me just keep thinking up new shit all the time and start working..  We have this desire to basically hit a home run and make a ton online.

    So far, best I have done is $1500 in one day for a few days  in a row..

    Right now, I am lucky to make $500 a day.

    However, something to note is that $500 a day and $5000 a day are really not far from each other.

    It is like prize fighting..  The top boxer is just a little better than the guy who make 1/10th as much..

    Same with this stuff..  The guy on top is barely better than the guy who makes 1/10th as much..

    So, I figure, if I do this the rest of my life, I will eventually hit that $3000 a day goal.  Could be in one year, could be 40 years from now..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 7/21/08, Craig M <> wrote:
    From: Craig M <>
    Subject: Turn Key Business
    Date: Monday, July 21, 2008, 10:22 AM

    I am very interested in a TURN KEY BUSINESS, completely Set-up, I am willing to pay (reasonable fee) to have it set up. Let me know how much to set up a turn key business with discounted product on it.

    With respect and gratitude,
    Craig M.

    Goals determine what you're going to be.
                                 -Julius "Dr. J" Erving

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