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  • Hi Jeff,

    Wow, that was seconds after I wrote you..

    OK, I listed 3 avenues.. 

    Here is one of them below.. Its about the overstocks, closeouts, returns vein..

    Its just some of the basics below.. I can elaborate on every step to setting it up and even successfully hiring someone to go through the product and shipping it for you (so that you can just spend time listing)..  ITs the way i did it..  Ican show you how to avoid ever over paying the worker, etc..


    Where to get virtually every name brand item you see in stores for about 1/4 of the regular in store price.
    The main company to buy from for that is:
    They are the main logistics provider for VIRTUALLY EVERY CHAIN STORE IN AMERICA and some in the UK and Canada and Australia
    So, they are kind of big.  And I have bought $250,000 worth of product from them, so I know how it exactly works, how much you will make, what to avoid, all the steps to getting setup, etc.
    You will make double to triple what you paid, because people on ebay pay about 65% of the regular store prices (from various calculations I have done in the past over thousands of products).


    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 7/26/08, JEFF STILLWELL <> wrote:
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Saturday, July 26, 2008, 3:17 PM

    Mr W.
    I would like to use ebay to obtain all the things my family wants and needs.  Laptops/ other electronics, video games, pool toys and equipment, clothing and shoes, even food if it's available.  Whatever I can get and resell.  We'll get several of what we need at a discount, keep one or two, and then sell the rest for a profit.  My main area of interest and knowledge is in snowboards and related gear.  The boys need a new size every year it seems.  I am also interested in whatever lots you can get ahold of that can make money.  Send me some example lists and I will see if I want to get in on it.
    Even after hours of study and a good familiarity of the ad testing procedure from previous study, I am not exactly sure how to make use of the ebooks program.  What exactly am I to be selling?  How can I find out what people are searching for?  It seems to be mostly money-making books?  I am willing to try it out as it may be a good way to get up some money to buy pallets/ lots of other goods.  I have yet to try to set up the automated response and fulfillment.
    Jeff Stillwell

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