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  • Hi Jeff,

    OK, I think I see what type of things would be of interest to you..

    I am thinking three broad approaches that can be honed down into more specific..

    Please indicate which seems best to you (or if you want to do all of them)..

    1. Small accessories / Small Electronics  - very similar vein to what you mentioned.. I can show you how to do it successfully and what to buy..

    2. Name brand popular closeouts, overstocks, returns..  I know where to buy chain store product for about 30% of the store price (70% off) literally..  I have done it many times and you make about double to triple what you paid..   The idea is you need to buy about $1000 worth for it to be worth your time, etc. .

    3. no brainer products..  They are sort of very easy to buy and sell.. Do not cost a lot, etc..



    Anthony W.

    --- On Thu, 7/24/08, JEFF STILLWELL <> wrote:
    Subject: the rundown
    Date: Thursday, July 24, 2008, 12:28 AM

    I can't wait to get started!  I am home with a broken leg for the next month or so with plenty of time to get to work on an ebay biz.  Sorry if I seem impatient. 
    I found your site while browsing t.v.'s and saw this other program.  Somehow just before that, ebay had an ad for lot sales on the homepage before I signed in.  I was interested in one listing for PDA's you could get for $7 each or so.  Even if they're only selling for $15 or $20, that works for me.  I just don't know whether I could move 100 of them.  They had clothes and shoes and such also which got me thinking...
    It would be interesting that for any need my family may have, I could buy it in a bulk closeout or surplus lot, take what I need and sell the rest for a profit.  I also need ways to find things I haven't thought of which would be good sellers.  The complete vision of what is really possible has not yet come to me.  Having automated fulfillment would be nice.  Piles of stuff around the house would not be good, especially if there if money tied up in it.  That would really bring unnecessary tension.
    As far as personal interests are concerned, I just want to win.  Whatever sells is my interest.  Please help me find it.  
    I am really only involved in basic suburban family interests like clothes, games, backyard/pool items, movies, music, gadgets, etc... for 10-13 year old boys and girls.  The Mrs. likes health and beauty, books, and photography. 
    I'm lineman, so I have some knowlwdge of tools, protective gear, good boots, and the fallacy of working overtime to get ahead.  Nearly twenty years of long days have me in a nice house, but I'm never there to enjoy it.  The only saving grace is that I am honestly helping people every day.  I can do what most people can't and I always deliver more than was expected.  Other than that, In the sparse spare moments of free time I have I would weight train/ use supplements, snowboard, fly, sail, etc... teaching the kids as we play.
    The most recent big dream I have is to get a Flowrider surf simulator built somewhere near us.  Getting one into our youth group program or a Bible camp we're involved with would be awesome.  
    Well, boss, the next step is up to you.  Drop me a line when you can, please.  Thank you!


    Jeff Stillwell

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