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  • Hi.
    I get where you are coming from..
    What I have discovered after selling all manner of product on eBay is that it all comes down to "efficiency".
    At first, you are just trying to make a buck..  Then, you get to the stage where you want to make a lot of bucks and don't care how much you work.  Next, you get to a stage where you are cutting out work and trying to max out your profit..
    So, in the end, it all comes down to "efficiency".
    You only have two hands and you only can work with so many people. I have two people I hired to do work..  Thats enough for me.. 
    You want to do some "testing the waters".  In the end, I think you will end up with a few, I guess, specialty products, as you mentioned..  You are not going to want to sell a great variety of products..  You are going to want a handful that rake in the dough for you and don't cause you to work to much or stress too much..
    HOW I DO IT:
    Basically, I find a product that I think sounds cool and I work on that one and get it up on eBay and get it "Maxed out".  I will explain this in the NEXT email.
    Then, after I got that one going, I start another..  Not everyone of them pans out to plan, but generally every 3rd one is just killer.. 
    Over time, you start to have several products going.. 
    Of course, sometimes, it can be just a system..  Like if you buy pallets of product from chain store returns, it comes down to a system rather than just one product you build.
    In the case of buying pallets of returns from chain stores, you just make a good template for listing the items successively to save time, money, etc..  Set it up so Fedex comes buy every couple days to pickup that TV you just sold, etc..
    I can give you very very good sources for buying pallets of product, if you are interested.. Genco Salvage auctions are pretty killer, if you bid on the right ones..
    What sounds more up your alley? 
    Buying pallets of product which are kind of random, but all name brand popular items.
    Focusing on one product and selling it over and over and over.. And just adding the products one by one to your arsenal of sales? 
    Tell me this and I can help you on the next step..

    Bob Fults <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    I am interested in building a business that sells products on eBay and from an online store. I feel eBay would be a very good way to build that online store.
    The biggest problem I have is “what do I sell?” I’m sure you’ve heard that before.
    I know eBooks and Information Products sell very well on eBay, but so do other products. Do I sell a wide variety of products (like Dept. Stores) or do you sell only a few specialty products. That is the reason I bought this program. I felt it would be best if I could learn from someone who has experience and is successful selling on eBay.
    I think since I bought the eBook Website Business that would be a good place to start.
    Thank you,
    Bob Fults

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    O'REILLY: All right, Lis ... I sell bibles in Tarzana, CA. Lenny comes in, & he's got a ... beard. He's wearing a dress ... I have to hire him?
    LIS WIEHL: You can't not hire Lenny.
    O'REILLY: Yes, but ... Don't you see my business point here? ... the state of Calif .. is forcing me to hire people that may be detrimental to my business.
    LIS WIEHL: appearance shouldn't matter. When you're selling bibles.
    O'REILLY: Ms. Rivers, you understand ... better than Lis because she went to Harvard Law School, and that disqualifies her from common sense.

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