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  • Hi Andreas,
    Yes, it is petty..  Last year, ebay did this to all of us..
    You can still sell ebooks the very same way, but at risk..  Could be 4 months later, you find yourself excommunicated from the religion of Ebay..
    Yes, need to update tutorials regarding this risk..  Also, with the new methods of selling ebooks on ebay, which basically is putting them on CDs or including services with them (so as to avoid the ebay hatchet)..
    You can automate the dropship on ebay..  Also, there is actually a way (believe it or not) to sell digital items on ebay and still automate it, but it is annoying to deal with..  I wish ebay would not have done what they did last year..
    You can still sell ebooks outside of ebay and automate it..  I have done it myself..  You can even sell subscriptions as I do and make money monthly from people for having a website offering a subscription (to your ebooks, information, etc)..
    And there is a standard ebook automation method for outside of ebay that is non-subscriptions..  MyDD..
    The cool part is this dropship is automatable..
    You can use Ebay Selling Manager Pro:
    To automate listings on ebay..  Feedback on ebay, etc..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Sat, 1/3/09, Andreas Forsling <> wrote:

    From: Andreas Forsling <>
    Subject: Re: Camcorders..
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Saturday, January 3, 2009, 9:49 PM

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    Hi Anthony,

    In other words it doesn't really work to set up the e-book business on
    automation in e-bay any longer? petty..
    I think you should consider updating the tutorials and info on that
    part since that is quite a big change..
    I heard about this on forums before I signed up with you, but since
    you stated in your ad that it was on automation,
    I figured there was something more to it. I did look into e-bay's own
    info about the classified ads, but they claim "they made it easier"
    selling electronic products that way, so I was kinda hoping there was
    a way around it.
    (I've got hundreds of e-books with reseller rights myself already, I
    just need new ways to distribute them effectively)

    What I'm primarly looking for is ways to automate my business wherever
    possible, (not only on e-bay) to save time.
    I understand I can burn and snail-mail cd:s to people, but that takes
    time and cost shipping. I'm sure it's possible to do though,
    and I wont say its not worth it. You know what makes good profit or
    not - and thats what counts after all.

    Do you have any suggestions on what other dropship-products to sell?
    I'd like to know what more than the tvprojector-kit is selling good?
    Whats your second bestseller?
    I have been checking out my competition to a certain degree and
    realize I'm not the only one out there.
    You said many of your sellers are putting up their items at the same
    time, but isnt that because they follow your advice on the best hours?
    Everybody probably wants their ads to be up at the "rushhour".
    I will follow your advice on finding empty spots and try to vary the
    categories and so on.
    I'll try to come up with that spreadsheet by tomorrow.

    But, I cant do the camcorders right now, since I cant come up with the
    money. Its possible I'll get into that in the future. But right now
    I'm gonna have to focus on low (or no) investment products, such as
    the dropship ones.

    Thanks again,
    kindly, Andreas

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