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  • Hi Daiman,
    If you are new to ebay, I can see the confusion..
    Actually, there are many ways you can sell product online..  I sell on all of these places:
    8. My own websites using a variety of methods..
    OK, since you are new to this, I wanted you to start with the EASIEST route..
    Ebay is the easiest place to start..  Yet, I know, you are new to this, so maybe, really still don't know what to do even with what I have sent you..
    SO, you are going to need to do a little reading/watching some tutorial videos, so you know what to do..
    My directions for listing general items on ebay:
    Ebay Listing Tutorials: (just do the "Ebay Listing Tutorials" section and ignore the lower sections)
    All the product you can sell from my dropship program:
    The Ad Materials and Directions for listing various items from dropship program:
    OK, you are in the dark some, so please go through some of the above until you feel like you get how to list on ebay and get how my dropship program works..
    You can ask me any questions here..  Don't worry, just ask..  Specific questions, so I can help you out..
    AND, yes these items make good money.. I sold these items on my own directly on ebay for several years with no job making $250,000 a year selling there..  So, YES, you will make money..  I have many already making money with it and it is not even close to what the potential sales are (due to the sellers not covering everything and it being a new program)..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 1/12/09, dtrevenue <> wrote:

    From: dtrevenue <>
    Subject: eBook Biz
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 5:16 AM

    Hi Anthony,
    I have read thru the start up kits that you provided but still do not know how to get started in eBay. I've not bought or sold anything in eBay and doing business with eBay is totally new for me.
    I understand there is a coaching session with you. Please let me know the procedures on how to get started.

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