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  • Hi,
    You can put Google Adsense on a webpage and if someone clicks on the ad, you make money..
    Free advertising through Google?  Just doing natural SEO (search engine optimization) to make your page higher ranked on Google.
    Also, just posting your link to your pages on forums, and wherever you can put the links on other websites, etc..

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 1/12/09, <> wrote:

    From: <>
    Subject: Re: maximum postings per day on craigslist?
    Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 4:19 PM

    thanks  What is a good ad for the bottom link? In a few weeks I will ad a picture of a Bible when school starts. Regarding authentication they will not doit on 2 accounts on my cell phone as they have already used it and my home line is what my computer uses to log in. Is there a place I can get advertising dollars for the web page? Do you know hot to advertise free on google?

    Scott Richards
    951 807 5658 PST 1-7 PST only please
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