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  • Hi Belinda,
    I think most all of them will sell well in UK market.. 

    I am not sure if the Real Estate one will do well there as it is primarily for USA based Real Estate..
    Other than that, I have probably sold most all these to UK people..
    I sell it in GBP to UK people via ..  
    But, if someone from the UK, sees one of my USA ads, then, of course, they are paying me in USD..
    The idea is you list to the targeted audience..
    For UK: 
    For Australians:
    For USA:

    Anthony W.

    --- On Mon, 1/12/09, Belinda Asonganyi <> wrote:

    From: Belinda Asonganyi <>
    Subject: Re: automated eBook business
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Monday, January 12, 2009, 5:42 PM

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    Hi Anthony,
    Thanks for the heads up...
    Which items are good for the UK Market?
    Do I sell in or $$$??
    Of interest at the moment are the following;
    1. Understanding Men - Relationship and Dating Guidance for Single/Married Women
    2. DreamBuilderFX (DTS-1) EA Forex Software - Full Version
    5. King James New Testament MP3 Audio Bible for CD/DVD/MP3 Player - New!
    I am ready to get started but definitely need your help.
    Thanks, Belinda

    On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 9:48 PM, Anthony W. <> wrote:
    Hi Belinda,
    I see where you are at..  New to this, not totally aware of ebay's "axe".. 
    OK, from now one, BEFORE you start some new great idea, run it by me first..  SO, you don't end up on ebay's blacklist.. 
    As I had one seller, she was selling my dropship items and was really doing awesome, really happy.. 

    But, she kept having these "ideas" and forgot to run them by me..  She was suspended recently for one of these ideas..
    As Ebay doesn't like certain items.. 
    I would say my dropship, now you got back your account.. You can put them up pretty easily.  Once you got one of an item up, you can just hit "relist" to get a new one of it up..
    Also, you can automate them all using "Auctiva" or "Ebay Selling Manager Pro". 
    I have used "Ebay Selling Manager Pro" for automating, so I can help you with this when you get to that point..
    How to Manual for Dropship items:
    Ad Materials for listing the items on ebay or other auction websites:
    How it Works and an Example:
    Where you go to buy it from me after customer pays: 

    Just ask me here..  If you are wondering which items to sell, or if a certain item is good, or if you just need guidance on a certain step, etc.
    --- On Fri, 1/9/09, Belinda Asonganyi <> wrote:

    From: Belinda Asonganyi <>
    Subject: Re: automated eBook business
    To: "Anthony W." <>
    Date: Friday, January 9, 2009, 9:18 AM

    -----Inline Attachment Follows-----

    Thanks, my account is now up and running. I was selling for a friend and according to her they were real. So I'm not going to put myself in that position again - not worth the hassle.
    Let me know where we are?
    All The Best, Belinda

    The Roadblocks Many Encounter When Selling Online

      1. Its really hard to find a decent supplier.
      2. And when you find one, they cost too much to make a profit.
      3. Or, you are required to buy 100+ items just to make a decent profit.
      4. Also, trying to avoid bad product when doing trial and error.

      The good news is I have done all this work for you. Matter of fact, I don't even mind giving you my suppliers' products right now, without payment. Why would I do that? Well, I make a little money on each item you sell and I know they are good items.

      So, if you are interested in having access to weekly product updates from my suppliers, just sign up for my newsletter below. Please also put in your phone number, if you would like for me to contact you and answer any questions you may have or explain how the dropship system works.

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