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  • Hi Charles,
    I did not understand what you meant by: bus and models.  Can you explain more?
    I am guessing the best place to start would be:  
    1. software and music instruments
    2. OR software and jewelry
    Regarding software, you can sell eBooks, software on CD (that you burn the CDs), or regular store software.
    Regarding music instruments, I would say buying "salvage" would be best.  Basically, you buy it from chain stores.  when they get returns, sometimes, they are missing maybe the cord or extra strings or something and they can not resell it.  What you do is buy pallets full of these type of items for only 35% of the wholesale price and turn around and sell them on eBay for double what you paid..
    In this email, I will tell you how to buy this "salvage" product..  In the next email, I will tell you how to sell software, eBooks, etc..  remind me in the next email.

    This is probably the best way to make REAL money on eBay.  From what I have done with this and from what I can tell, most of those making solid income on eBay are buying their product in this manner.. 
    Basically, you can buy returns, overstocks, etc from chain stores like Sears, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. 
 is a pretty good source for companies that offer such product..
    For instance, this is a solid company that offers such product:
    Just look at the above links and do some searching and I think you will see what I mean..
    You basically buy it for about 30 to 50 % of wholesale and can turn around and sell it for double on eBay..  The best is to buy "manifested" pallets of such product..  Manifested means it tells you what is actually on the pallet..  You can take that and do searches on eBay to see what it sells for..

    charles chiasson <> wrote:
    I am interested in bus, and marketing books & models.

    I woulld like to start my ebay marketing with musical
    instuments, Jewelery and software.

    I will need a lot of help as ZI am a beginner. I have
    no idea of where to buy right to make money on Ebay. I
    nned help making great ads etc.


    Charles Chiasson

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