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  • HI Jose,
    Actually, I do not know if an LLC is more or less expensive..

    It doesn't cost much to file the paperwork, if you or one of your friends does it. 
    Maybe $150..  I can't remember, but it wasn't a ton to create the C-Corp.  Possibly only $100 or so..
    BUT, if you have some CPA or Lawyer do it, it will cost a good amount more..
    AFTER creating the C-Corp or LLC, I think the C-Corp would function better, overall, for any business that is trying to grow larger in size.  It allows for massive growth..  With an LLC is geared towards a company that is not trying to become large.
    2 OR 3 HOURS A DAY:
    With business, it does not work the same as a job..  Basically, with a business, you first build it and then after you have built enough to your satisfaction, then you will be doing something like 3 hours of work a day. Thats if you are looking for a business that will make you full time income and you have atleast one worker.
    BUT, if you are like me, you will just keep building like crazy..  I am shooting for a few million a year..  And if I make it there in the next few years, I will likely shoot for 10 million a year..  I am crazy like that..
    It is definitely worth opening an eBay biz, as it is cheaper to get started with an eBay business than it is for any regular business.  Usually a lot cheaper.
    The trick with eBay is to keep learning the system.  Those who learn the system and keep trying to improve here and there will be the ones that come out way ahead in profit and sales.
    The trick is to spend the time building AND after building, reap the rewards..  Its possible, if you do the building, to make a lifetime income for yourself.  Further, you could potentially hire people to do most of the work, so you don't have to do much..

    Jose Tolosa <> wrote:
    Hello Tony:
    First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy 2006 !!!
    Perhaps, we want to open our company this year. So i will keep you informed.
     It is more expensiva a C-Corp than a LLC??
    Working 2 or 3 hours a day, how much the income could be?? Around???
    Are you full time??
    How many hours do you use for your Ebay Business???

    It's really woth it, to open an Ebay Business to make good money???
    Thanks you Tony and have a wonderful year !!!

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