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  • Hi Gary,
    All the eBooks on my website are free. 
    You are probably refering to products that are physical in nature that were on my website..  I generally do not sell much of that to those I coach. 
    Basically, I started the website to be more of an online access website as standalone and realized it was not working out, so I changed it into more of a coaching and sales website and left the old content on the website also, seeing it can't hurt to have it there..

    Some items in the musical instrument section, especially the Aofa Musical Instruments, are completely gone.  I sold them all. 
    I believe I know where you got the wire jewelry idea.. I have seen that advertised.
    I am not like Corey Rudl or any of these supposive "web gurus".  I actually don't like most of what they have to say, as they seem to be more like a TV infomercial than like the real deal.
    What I am here to do is coach you.  I personally coach you.  I don't charge you some goofy $5000 to coach you either.  Just $100.  Why?  Because I have a theory that one or more of those I coach will one day want me to be more involved in their business and I will be able to make more like $100,000, for my personal services, helping them grow a large company..
    So, thats my theory..
    Also, I like coaching..  I figure, if I am going to sell something on eBay, I might as well like it..
    I hate doing "speeches" and all that crap, but I do like 1 on 1 coaching..
    THE TRICK is to realize the lowest price is not the right price on eBay..  What you do is discover what the highest price someone is willing to pay for your item on eBay and set it at that price.. 
    That is about the best way to make profit on eBay.. Most do not do this. 
    So, what I will do, is do a search on whatever product, then on the search results page, I will check the "Completed Items" box and click the Show items button.  From there, I click on the "Price" link at the top of the results so that it shows the highest price first..
    Then, I just look for the first few auctinos, with the highest prices that sold for the item I am going to sell..
    SO WITH EBOOKS, if you do searches like this, you will find that some will sell for as high as even $10 bucks..  I know a guy who was selling a gambling secrets eBook for about $10 bucks on eBay and was selling like FOUR a day!  Now, that is a about as good as it gets for eBooks, but that shows you how good it can get with some of them.
    I have found the average eBook will sell for $4 bucks at highest price.. 

    SO, the trick is to make a SOLID ad, using SOLID keywords in the title and back up the solid ad with a SOLID price.  Why build up the value of the eBook in someones mind to in the end just sell it for $0.50 cents?  Isn't that self defeating?
    Did I send this below?  I wrote this for one guy wanting to know how to sell eBooks.  Its pretty comprehensive and builds the framework on how to approach the topic..
    Regarding eBooks, I think the key to your success will be to go for quality rather than quantity, with respect to your approach..
    Basically, I think you should focus on one good eBook, write a killer ad, which I can help you with (I have a tutorial on this on . 
    These give a crash course in writing very good sales ad copy.  These are very effective techniques that I have taken directly from books I have bought on the subject.
    1. Find one of the better, more popular, higher priced or potentially higher priced eBook to sell.  Whether or not they sell at a high price, try to gage the "value" to the customer, as you can often sell at a high price next to a competitor's low price and STILL get the sale and I will tell you why below.
    2. Write a good advertisement per the tutorials above.
    3. Brainstorm all the categories.
    4. Brainstorm all the keywords.
    * Look for one in the list that seems like someone "might" pay a good chunk of money for AND would seem like many would want it. 
    * Then, do searches on eBay using related keywords to that eBook.  FIRST, do not be shocked if you see it selling for a low price.  The key is that they have fallen for the "low price trap" believing no one will buy if its a higher price.  Its a bunch of bull.  To clearly demonstrate this to you, consider my "Powerseller Coaching" I sold you.  There are MANY selling similar products for low prices.  But, you bought from me, right?  Now, ask yourself, if I would have sold it for $5 bucks to you, would you have thought it was worth anything?  Probably not?  WHY?  Here is the SECRET.  Its so simple..  Basically, you write a SOLID AD and then back up the ad with a SOLID PRICE.  You build up the value in their mind and meet the value with a price..
    I explain the above, below, in more details:
    A. Designing a "Solid" Ad using Sales Copy Writing Techniques.
    B. Adjusting the price.
    C. Expanding and Selecting the Best Categories.
    D. Expanding and Selecting the Best Keywords.
    "A" is probably the easiest.  Basically, use standard sales copy techniques to write your ad.  What I did was goto a book store, find a book on writing "sales copy" or "sales ads".  Could be one of those "Sales Ad Writing for Dummies" books..  It might take you a full 4+ hours to write a killer ad, but once you are done, you will have to do little editing to it in the future.  Just read the book, or skim it, highlight the good stuff and apply it to your ad.  I have a "crash course" on my website: if you want to just do the basics..
    "B" Is like a lab experiment..  "B" is actually the last thing you do of all the steps..  Basically, figure out A, C and D and then just pick a good B to start out.. Then, over time, maybe every week, try a new price, see how the sales go.  ALSO, higher prices sometimes can bring in MORE sales, so never hesitate to try higher prices and lower prices.. The idea is to analyze the "profit" that the prices generate.. The one that generates the highest profit is the one you keep.
    "C" and "D" are also rather simple, if you do them correctly.  For categories, basically you just do searches for related items and look to the left side menu on the search result page, and it will list all the categories they are listed in.  Also, you can just navigate through all the main categories to see which categories throughout all the categories relate to your product.. Generally, you should be able to find a BARE minimum of 3 to 5 categories to list one product in.
    For keywords, its simple also, if you know what you are doing..  Basically, one good method is to just open MS Word and just start brainstorming related keywords to your product..  Make sure to think of famous words that relate, including competitor brand names that you can somehow put a word or two of in the title.. So, you can use the Thesaurous on MS Word to give you even more words than the ones you just brainstormed..  THEN, you can go over to Overture's Keyword Suggestion Tool to see how popular the words are and to find other popular words that are related:
    Believe it or not, if you just do trial and error with the above, you can easily after a month's time have solid sales and profit on various products you resell over and over..
    You have seen some of my products, right?  Some of them I have been selling since I started selling on eBay practically!   I am STILL selling them for profit! 
    ALSO, once you have done the above several times over a couple years, you get SO GOOD at it that you practically don't have to do ANY trial and error..
    You will have to do a little still, but it is far easier and you can do it sometimes in a week or two's time..

    Gary Grant <> wrote:
    I purchased this from you and Im ready to get started.
    I looked at your web site and found lots of pages that did not open or links to other pages that wanted me to buy more programs or ebooks.
    I have been selling on and off on ebay since 2002 but have not made much money. I have sold everything from Craft Beads to Cars and have had some good luck but would like to turn this into a steady income.
    I am making some wire sculptured jewelery that I plan on marketing on ebay and possible building a small store and website for this.
    I would like to do ebooks or something that I is pretty much automated to get me started. Also Im interested in maybe selling DVD's and Movies and possible buying small lots of items and reselling them on ebay.
    Thank you for your time and coaching

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