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  • Hi John,
    Some tips in finding the right product to start with..

    Rather than finding a product you want to sell, find a product that sells well that you don't mind or you like to sell.
    Put the sellability of it before your interest and then find one of the good sellers that interests you..
    Lot better method, as I have seen many try to sell what they want to sell, without even doing any research on eBay history to see if it will sell.  They waste their time getting the product all ready, throw it on eBay and are dismayed..
    So, do you know how to research eBay?
    Just do a search on any product that might be of interest to you.  Make a long list of products that seem interesting to you.  Then, do a search, check the box on the left that says "completed Items" next to it, click the "Show items" button.  Then, you will see how frequently it is listed and how many sold..  Generally, if you see few greens (sold) its not a good product..  Also, the more greens the merrier, as it shows more capacity of selling more faster..
    So, I would brainstorm your interests and do some reasearch on eBay first..  Then, I would also check out my website that I gave you a login to and other websites to get tips and info on how to sell..


    John Hulsebus <> wrote:
    I started reading the info on the website and don't really know where to
    start at this point. I don't really have a good plan at this time. I do
    plan on putting a lot of time and effort into this to be successful. My
    wife has a business (brick and mortar for 21 years) selling teacher
    supplies and educational items. They have been selling on their website for
    the last year very successful I have access to
    the items on her site, but I need help getting started. I am not a part of
    her business so I will be doing this on my own. Maybe in the future we will
    meld together but who knows. I plan on selling her stuff if possible, but I
    don't plan on limiting myself. I appreciate the offering you have and will
    definately take advantage of all that I can. My wife is a skeptic at this
    time so let's show her how it can be profitable. I look forward to talking
    to you soon.

    Thanks John Hulsebus

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