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  • Hi Cindy,
    This link here is a relevant link.  You should call them.  They either have or sometimes have pallets with Dooney and Bourke product:
    Tell them you saw that in the past they have sold pallets of "Dooney and Bourke".  Ask them if they often get product from them in and is there a way to get email updates when new pallets of product come in.

    Then, you could get added to a email list and they could send you lists of product they get in and eventually, you will get an email with "Dooney and Bourke".
    The idea is to look for product in a "genre" rather than a single product or company. 
    Essentially, what I mean by "genre" is:
    1. Jewelry
    2. Clothing
    3. Fashion
    4. Consumer Electronics
    5. Etc.
    THE IDEA is that these companies get returns from a major chain store, such as "JC Pennys", then, you would buy pallets of various product from a certain genre, such as women's clothing, and it would be items you would see at "JC Pennies".
    That is how it works..  So, you can't just get one type of product, usually, in salvage form.
    You can get Proactiv by itself, maybe in "replica" form for cheap from China or some other foreign country, but I would probably not do this..

    Which chain stores sell "proactiv"?  Which chain stores sell Dooney and Bourke?
    Ask yourself, which chain store has interesting items you would like to sell?  Then, ask yourself, which genre of items at that chain store sound interesting?
    Once you give me your response, I could find maybe the "salvage warehouse" that gets returns from that chain store for you..

    Cindy Hill <> wrote:
    Proactiv is over the counter so you don't need to be a pharmacist to sell it.  I heard of it from my husband's family.  They like it and it seems to do well on ebay.  The link you gave wasn't a lower price so I guess I'll have to keep looking.  About the Dooney, I didn't find anything off the links but I'll keep searching.  Any other ideas of good products to sell that you've had good luck with in the past?

    Cindy Hill
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