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  • Hi Andrew,
    First, I have to ask where you obtained this product?  Or, is it dropship items?
    First, what I have found with eBay is if it is "name brand" it sells about 3 to 4 times faster..  So, that is one whammy you should know..  Trust me, I have plenty of experience and this indeed is the case..
    Second, you need to be able to reference a page on the internet that shows these bags at the retail price and that being much higher than your price..
    For instance, look at any of my auctions.. Here is one:
    Notice I have the MFG Suggested Retail Price and a link to a page that proves it..  You don't necessarily have to have a link, but it helps prove you are selling at a much lower price..
    Also, my price is about 50% or lower than the retail price..  This is really encouraging to the customer and makes them think, wow, what a deal.
    Third, notice I have subsections on all of my auctions..  Kind of like I hit all of the relevant topics in the auction and the subtitle should be bigger and colored is not bad..
    Fourth, the idea is to convince the customer it is a real deal..  What I have done in the past is found ways to prove to the customer that even though it is not brand named, it is high quality.   For instance, on my guitars, which are not name brand, I tell the customer I get them directly from the manufacturer who makes them for certain major brand names (which is true). 
    Also, the keywords in the title are VERY important.. Think about keywords that are used by the name brand counterparts to what you are selling.. Then, try to put them in the title, while not violating their trademark..  For instance, if there is a certain model of a bag made by a famous company that looks similar to your bag, put it in your subtitle..
    Here is a good example of one of my non-name brand auctions.. Look at the title, subtitle and look at my description..  You will see what I mean by trying to convince them of the "value":
    Notice in the title: "Sky V".  These are terms that are related to this style of guitar that someone might put in the search engine..  The subtitle:  "Flying V".  This is the exact terms used to describe the most famous model of this style of guitar by a famous company.
    Notice this comment in the description:  "Save yourself a few hundred bucks and still get a high quality guitar! This guitar is made by an "official" overseas manufacturer for one of the biggest name-brand guitar companies(which I can not name here, per eBay's ebay rules)." You can see how it builds the value in someones mind..
    So, those are a few tips..  I can give you more..  Its more difficult to sell non-named brand.  I can tell you how to get name brand for cheap, if you want to know..

    Andrew Moulton <> wrote:
    Once again thanks for taking time out of your busy day to help me here are
    the item #s of products I have revised many times and cant seem to sell

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