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  • Hi Jeff,
    I can tell you how to dropship, but my question is do you want to do what you think is best or what is actually best?
    I can see you have many ideas already in your head, but some of those ideas are not necessarily the best route.
    * Rather than dropshipping, you might want to try selling "services" and "ebooks".  This fits into your criteria of not having to stock anything.
    But, there is a tradeoff..  You will need to perfect your sales techniques.  While items you stock yourself are easy to sell, items that are eBooks and services are "marketing intensive".  You have to know how to climb to the top.  I know how to do it, so I could teach you..
    So, its possible to make $300 a day doing "service" product.  Ebooks can't reach that height, unless you are very gifted.. Its possible, just very difficult.
    What I think you are not seeing is ALL of these have their positives and negatives.  None of them are easy, unless you have the skill already..  If you already have the skill, yes, then it can be easy..  I have the skill, but I had to earn it over years of selling.. So, now, it is easy, but it wasn't always that way..
    For instance, if you are really good at marketing, selling services or eBooks can be very simple and very easy to generate profit.  I can do this and I know a few others who have done it well on eBay also.. 
    For dropshipping, it is far more difficult than you think.  Generally, the companies will charge very high prices for their product, though, they claim it is rock bottom pricing.. 
    I have done dropshipping.  Its like trying to convince people to sign up for Amway or Quixtar, if you know what they are..  The prices are simply too high.. 
    Then, you will hear from the dropshipping gurus that you can make the profit in the secondary sales or repeat customers..  The problem, though, is they exaggerate this.
    So, I am trying to save you time wasted on dropshipping.  YES, it is possible, if you are lucky, that you can find some great low price on a killer product..  But, I have not seen it, after spending months looking and trying..
    ONE IDEA FOR DROPSHIPPING:  I can see dropshipping working for VERY expensive items, where you can make a SOLID commission.  When I say expensive, I mean like $500+ items..  You would have to be careful to get the right items, though, for it to work well.
    Services are your best route..  No product to stock.  Essentially a service product could be something like:
    1. Already Created Websites with Server Space.
    2. Already Created Businesses. Business in a box.
    3. Coaching - For whatever.  Getting in Shape, Gambling, Sales, Stock Market, certain professions, climbing the latter, etc..
    4. A CD that has your audio commentary on it for success, business,  etc..
    5. You Contracting yourself to people on eBay to do certain things (hopefully simple things on your end).  Like computer work, designer work, AND as one guy said to me, doing their homework, which I found humorous.
    6. Party Catering, Wedding Caterer, Whatever service..  Could even be plumbing, just think up something you are good at..
    7. If you are good with music, you could put out "Gigs" for sale on eBay with your history as a musician. 
    8. So, the idea is you contract out something "in a box", or where you do a service of some sort.
    So, start brainstorming..  I know one guy who sells ONE CD with his audio and also coaching sessions and I know he has made in the past, easily $300 a day, 7 days a week..  A lot of it was just his CD!  ONE CD!  Sends the same way everytime, has it all figured out and it is easy..
    If you are smart about it, this could be the best route..  Nothing to keep in stock, no millions of orders to send out, etc..


    jeffrey simonian <> wrote:

    I looked it over but I'd rather not stock any items or pay for them
    I'd rather dropship . Have you had an experience with any dealers that do
    If not maybe we can go the e-book route but they have to be good not just
    a bunch of fluff.
    I have a few myself, but I need our help in listing them on E-bay for the
    best results - best visabilty, best ad design and so on.

    Take care - Jeff

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