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  • HI Gary,
    Good question..
    Essentially, from all my experience, I have discovered these broad truths regarding what are good products:
    1. Name Brand items tend to sell about 3 times better than not known brands.
    2. Popular items are obviously going to sell better than non-popular.  You can check if it is popular just by doing a search and checking the box for "completed items" on the left side menu and click the button "Show Items".  If there are a ton, and none sold, that is a non-popular item way oversold..  If 1/3 or so sold, it is a healthy market.  The more quantity of sold, the more popular..
    3. More popular types of product tend to correlate with what sells well in the regular brick and mortar stores..
    Believe it or not, name brand, popular, with a solid ad and a solid price will do it EVERY time.. 
    There are MANY other websites like Amlinc..  Do a search on using terms like "pallets", "salvage", "overstock", etc..
    So, when you buy a pallet full of a variety of items, you can usually safely sell them all, if they are name brand and were in a brick and mortar, as they put good product already in their stores..
    What to ask?  I would ask for a manifest of all the items on each pallet.  Then, I would take that list and do individual searches on each item on eBay and see what they have sold for in the past, using the check box for "completed items" on the left side menu..


    Teresa Fredrickson <> wrote:
    O.K.  Ive looked extensively through Alibaba and Amlinc. Way to many products and overwhelming. How do I know what will sell and what wont?  My wife and I plan to order something in the next couple days to see what comes to us . Do you have any pointers on questionsto ask  them when ordering? Thanks

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