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  • Hi,
    I am guessing Hotmail does the same thing Yahoo does..  Basically, you have to change one of the general settings on your Hotmail to a "POP3" account..
    From there, you then have to set the email account on Outlook..
    There should be a page in Hotmail that tells you how to do this.. Look for something that says "downloading email" or "turning Hotmail into a POP3 account" or something similar..
    I had to do this with my yahoo email before it worked..
    THEN, I can tell you how to set up the rules for automation of email..
    You have to buy this software by someone I am not affiliated with..  He can give you software to completely automate the eBook sending process.

    Shawn Mulligan <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    How do you automate the process of sending the books out.  Also, is Outlook the only way to generate the automatic email responses to commonly asked questions?  I have the hotmail account but I'm having trouble getting Outlook to pull my Hotmail emails.  How do you have it set up?
    Currently I'm working on picking my first e-book & writing my first sales ad.  I may have some questions for you then.

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