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  • Hi Shawn,
    I use eBay's Basic Picture service and only put in one graphic, as I can put many graphics in free into my description, if I want, rather than pay money for each additional picture..
    I almost always use the Gallery Option that costs $0.35 cents..  This is the graphic everyone sees when they are doing a search.. 
    I think it is a very important feature and rarely list without it..  Only very very cheap $1 auctions will I not use it occasionally..
    Where do you get it?
    Step 3 on any auction you are listing.. You know, they have 5 Steps for listing anything..  Step 3 is where you choose it..  You will have to put in the one picture into eBay's Basic Picture service and then check the box next to gallery near the bottom..


    Shawn Mulligan <> wrote:
    Hey Tony,
    I have another question for you:
    Do you use a gallery photo in your ad? And if so, where do you get it?
    Thanks again,

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