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  • HI Cindy,
    No, I don't have experience with them, but it appears you are barking up the right tree.
    If they are not too far away, it would be good if you could go out and see some of their pallets of items.  This way, you know better what type of items they sell and the condition of them.
    Now, I am not sure what your mental position is on returned pallet items, so I will try to explain what is good.  Essentially, if the box looks beat up a little, that is not a bad thing.  What is important is if the item inside is beat up.  So, if 75% of the items are in solid condition (the actual items), then it is a good buy, so long as the price is right (35% of wholesale is good price for a few pallets.  Just take the price they are offering, ask for the manifest list of what is on the pallet and it should have each items wholesale value.  Add up all the wholesale values and divide what you pay by the total wholesale value and if you get something like 0.35 or lower, it is a good deal).
    If you can not go, there is a bit of risk, as you will have then go for plan B.  Plan B is where you ask them many questions about the condition.  Ask them if they are good salvage, where about 75% of it is in good to decent condition.  Explain what decent condition is..  Basically, the items have maybe a couple scratches, maybe a small dent, maybe just missing a remote control.  Something that does not diminish the price a lot.  Like if it is clothes, make sure it just has maybe a small hole that can be fixed (very small) or maybe some little minor things wrong.  Often, you should get about 30% or so, where absolutely nothing is wrong.  So, I ask them a lot of questions to get an idea of the quality of the items.
    Then, ask if you can pay by credit card.  Credit card is your best bet.  A lot of these companies will not take credit card, though, and will only take bank transfer.  So, it would not be surprising if they don't take credit card, but if you can get it, you will have more protection..

    Cindy Hill <> wrote:
    Do you have any experience with

    Cindy Hill

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