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  • Genco's Auctions.. Actually, I just checked and they currently do not have any clothes auctions up, but they do have items that would be of interest to you..  Stuff that would sell at JC Penny's or other women's stores (keep in mind, I know little about women's stuff, as I am a guy).
    National Brands Auctions (I think these are like mall type stores):
    Jewelry(Kmart) I didn't even know they had jewelry!:
    You would pay anywhere from 10% to 33% on these lists below. They start out with first bid at 10%.  So, when it says $1,397 below, the first bid for it is $139.70.  It could easily go up to $300 by the end of the auction.  If you don't know what each item is, the trick is to put them in eBay's search and search to see if you can figure out the product that way..  I usually can figure out most of the products on these manifests, so it is possible. 
    Item ID Description Qty Cost
    09666110001 COMF SET Q,FLORENCE 1 99.71
    09666194001 COMF SET Q,PAPAYA PALM 1 99.71
    09666261001 COMF ST Q,WILLIAMSBURG 1 59.23
    09666310001 BEDBAG,FULL 1 50.03
    09666377001 COMF SET Q,MICROSUEDE 1 72.45
    09666378001 COMF SET K,MICROSUEDE 1 78.20
    09666408001 COMF SET F,YARN DYE PATCH 1 59.80
    09666553001 COMF SET K,MICRO SUEDE 1 78.20
    09666607001 BEDBAG Q,CHOCOLATTE 1 89.24
    09666608001 BEDBAG K,CHOCOLATTE 1 99.71
    09666758001 COMF SET, QUEEN 1 127.41
    09667166000 BEDBAG F,KARLYLE 1 50.03
    09667391001 BEDBAG F,ISLAND PALM 1 50.03
    09667442001 BED BAG F,JULIP 1 50.03
    09667443001 BED BAG Q,JULIP 1 58.65
    09667444001 BED BAG K,JULIP 1 71.01
    09667451001 BED BAG K,MERCER 2 96.03
    09667455001 BED BAG Q,ELEMENTS 1 59.80
    09667463001 BED BAG K,CAPRICE 1 48.01
    Total 20 1,397.28
    Item ID Description Qty Cost
    09666003001 COMF ST K,CONCORD 1 105.80
    09666230001 COMF SET, QU TANGIERS 1 122.74
    09666231001 COMF SET, KG TANGIERS 1 136.72
    09666293001 AIR BED Q,JUST ADD AIR 1 82.80
    09666386001 COMF SET K,MARINA 1 75.90
    09666507001 BEDBAG,FULL 1 50.03
    09666509001 BEDBAG,KING 1 71.01
    09666553001 COMF SET K,MICRO SUEDE 1 78.20
    09667153001 BEDBAG K,PALM ROYALE 1 46.86
    09667167000 BEDBAG Q,KARLYLE 1 58.65
    09667183000 BEDBAG K,ENDHAVEN 2 93.73
    09667185000 COMF ST F,VINELAND 1 63.25
    09667403001 COMF ST K,DENIM 1 75.83
    09667451001 BED BAG K,MERCER 1 48.01
    09667455001 BED BAG Q,ELEMENTS 1 59.80
    09670342155 QUILT K, SHIMMER QUILT 1 51.75
    Total 17 1,221.08

    Cindy Hill <> wrote:
    Thank you for the information.  What genre would you recommend trying? I am open to suggestions.  What have you had good luck in the past? I don't have much experience with anything other than clothes.  Mainly, I am looking for things to sell where I would have a fast return.  Clothes generally sell well but they are very time consuming with pictures, measurements, and it usually takes several items to get a good overall profit.  I am looking for things to sell where I would make at least $20 profit per item.  The bedding I sell generally makes good profit but because what I sell is pricy, I don't sell a lot of it.  I am looking for $20-$50 profits per sell (or more), that will generally sell pretty consistently.  What would you suggest trying?

    Cindy Hill
    Visit My eBay Auctions: Mommyhill 


    From: Anthony W. <>
    To: Cindy Hill <>
    Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:33:51 -0800 (PST)
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Tue, 10 Jan 2006 22:21:49 -0800
    Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.211); Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:33:51 -0800
    Received: (qmail 71630 invoked by uid 60001); 11 Jan 2006 05:33:51 -0000
    Received: from [] by via HTTP; Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:33:51 PST

    Hi Cindy,
    This link here is a relevant link.  You should call them.  They either have or sometimes have pallets with Dooney and Bourke product:
    Tell them you saw that in the past they have sold pallets of "Dooney and Bourke".  Ask them if they often get product from them in and is there a way to get email updates when new pallets of product come in.

    Then, you could get added to a email list and they could send you lists of product they get in and eventually, you will get an email with "Dooney and Bourke".
    The idea is to look for product in a "genre" rather than a single product or company. 
    Essentially, what I mean by "genre" is:
    1. Jewelry
    2. Clothing
    3. Fashion
    4. Consumer Electronics
    5. Etc.
    THE IDEA is that these companies get returns from a major chain store, such as "JC Pennys", then, you would buy pallets of various product from a certain genre, such as women's clothing, and it would be items you would see at "JC Pennies".
    That is how it works..  So, you can't just get one type of product, usually, in salvage form.
    You can get Proactiv by itself, maybe in "replica" form for cheap from China or some other foreign country, but I would probably not do this..

    Which chain stores sell "proactiv"?  Which chain stores sell Dooney and Bourke?
    Ask yourself, which chain store has interesting items you would like to sell?  Then, ask yourself, which genre of items at that chain store sound interesting?
    Once you give me your response, I could find maybe the "salvage warehouse" that gets returns from that chain store for you..

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