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  • Hi Steve,
    I think I sent you the login, but if not, here it is again:
    Authname:  Optasia_Elec
    Username:  internetsecrets
    Password:  d3gh8uw2
    Well, you could buy salvage or returns from stores such as Gander Mountain, Dick's Sporting Goods, MC Sports..
    Basically, these outdoor and sporting goods stores often get returns, like any other company, where the return is not sellable, either because it is missing a part or has a scratch or the box looks too ugly.
    So, that is where we come in and buy it off their hands for very low prices, like 35% of the wholesale price or about a quarter of the regular price.
    Then, turn around and sell them for about half price on eBay, making double what we paid..
    So, that is essentially what I have already been doing with a lot of the product you see in my store, such as TVs, vacuums, etc.. I buy my stuff from a warehouse company who deals with salvage from mainly Sears.
    Its all a mind game and strategy.  The less you know the less you make..  There are several factors, like your vendor source pricing, your advertising strategy, etc..
    Basically, there are a number of rules to follow for it to work out where you double your money. After you hear them, they seem logical, but they are things you generally don't think of on your own.  Kind of like in class when you heard something and it sounded logical, but you would not have thought of it yourself.
    For instance, with finding the right supplier of product, many think of going for new product..  Well, bad idea..  Generally, salvage, import or used items are the best to buy..
    1. Find a good supplier.  First, find a salvage company to use. Buy a test amount or goto the facility to see the quality of the product you will be buying.  Then, after you have confirmed it is good, then you can buy more and more, based on the assumption they will be consistant, which is usually the case. I will indicate one or two good suppliers below..
    2. Marketing correctly..  Basically, it is as simple as doing the basics of advertising copy.  Literally, when I started out, I bought a book at Waldenbooks on how to write ad copy for boxes and packages, like you see in a store..  This indicated the standards for professional ad copy..  Then, I just used this for my eBay ads and it help a TON for sales..  I put many of the basics on my website here:
    3. Then, there is making sure your numbers come out..  You should always be doing cost and profit sheets to make sure you are making your profit..  If not, you adjust something to make it work..  Generally, there is always someting you can adjust..

    Generally, for almost any physical product, there are about 3 good ways to get product to sell on eBay:
    1. Salvage / Surplus / Overstock / Returns
    2. Import
    3. Buy from wholesale lots on eBay and turn around and sell on eBay.
    I don't recommend dropshipping or affiliate marketing, as I have done a bit of both and found them not profitable..  Simply put, everyone wants to do this when they first get into selling.  I say this broad statement, because so far, out of about 17 people who have signed up for my coaching, about 14 of them said they wanted to "dropship".  
    The problem is dropshipping is more of a trick than a profitmaker.  Basically, the companies who offer this type of selling are not interested in real sellers looking for real profit.  Rather, they are looking for inexperienced sellers who will be duped into selling their products.   I say this, because when I did a lot of research in the area of dropshipping and tried it myself, I found that their claims of "low prices" were false.  I also found that the one I did use was only reliable about 50% of the time.  I would sell a product and half the time, they would say it was not in stock. 
    So, though it appears to be easy, dropshipping ends up being a difficult way to make money.
    Simply go to any main category on, such as "DVDs" and then find the subcategory "Wholesale Lots".  In there, you will find product in lots of 50, 100, you name it.. 
    The trick is to not bid on the glamorous auctions at the top of the page, but the auction on the bottom that no one clicks on.  Often, those are the real deals, where you can turn around and make a real profit selling each item individually..
    This is probably the best way to make REAL money on eBay.  From what I have done with this and from what I can tell, most of those making solid income on eBay are buying their product in this manner.. 
    Basically, you can buy returns, overstocks, etc from chain stores like Sears, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. 
 is a pretty good source for companies that offer such product..
    For instance, this is a solid company that offers such product:
    Just look at the above links and do some searching and I think you will see what I mean..
    You basically buy it for about 30 to 50 % of wholesale and can turn around and sell it for double on eBay..  The best is to buy "manifested" pallets of such product..  Manifested means it tells you what is actually on the pallet..  You can take that and do searches on eBay to see what it sells for..
    I have done this several times..  Generally, you spend about $5000 or so at a time and you can buy product from China..  This is also a very large way to make REAL profit on eBay and many of the larger companies end up going this route..  So, a lot of the bigger companies on eBay do this, but it does have more risk and requires more preparation than the Salvage method..
    Here is a great website for finding companies that sell this product:
    Please write back with your ideas and I we can talk more.


    Steve Baitinger <> wrote:
    Just a note to let you know I have purchased the powersellers course and need log in
    instructions to your website. I really don't have much sales experience except for the
    fact that I am a retail meatcutter and deal with the public everyday.
               What I enjoy doing?  Well this is my problem: I enjoy anything outdoors,
    camping, fishing, hunting, also play golf so I enjoy that. These are possibilities though
    I imagine these are tough and competitive markets. So I really need something that is
    in demand and not a lot of competition. A couple of other suggestions might be dry
    goods, I like the idea of maybe selling DVDs, CDs, Game systems, or the games
    themselves. I don't know if this has helped you any, look forward to starting the course.
                                                                       Steve Baitinger

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