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  • Hi Jerry,
    Let me first offer you some ideas and you tell me what you think.  All of these ideas are definitely doable and could easily make you very good money.
    1. The first and easiest is taking your commercial sign business to eBay.  - With this idea, you would obviously have to do a few things different.  You would have to consider how the items would ship. I know some commercial signs would be not possible to ship, but I can think of many that can be..  So, you would have to focus on signs that are shipable.  Further, you would have to make a solid marketing plan.  I could definitely help with this.
    On the side of taking your business to eBay, you could also discover if certain throwaway materials would sell well on eBay.  I can tell you how to know this.  Its easy.. Just do a regular search using some of the search terms for that scrap material and then check the "completed items" on the left side menu and click the "Show Items" button.  From this, you can see how many of similar items were listed on eBay and how well they have sold in the past..
    2. Buying salvage/return electronics and gadgets and reselling them on eBay..  It could be mostly functioning items you buy on pallets or you could have a focus on buying dead items that you fixed..  I can tell you how to buy salvage electronics VERY easily, seeing I do it right now.. You can buy salvage electronics for quarter of regular price and sell for about half of regular price on eBay..
    3. You could start some sort of craft based on your sign business or throw away materials that makes good money..  This would take some good research and brainstorming to come up with.  I can tell you a good approach for this..

    jerry hampton <> wrote:
    Hi, ok. I have many interests.I am an artist/craftsperson by trade. I own a small commercial sign business which I have operated for many years. I enjoy creating things, tinkering with electronics and gadgets. I like anything science related. As an idea for a business ,I have wondered about scrap materials that are being tossed out every day by industry, leftovers from the manufacturing process; small parts of plastic, glass, metal ,leather,etc. that perhaps would be of interest to hobbyists/craftspeople.
    I don't know if this would be a viable idea or not, but it's the kind of thought that runs thru my mind. I don't like seeing things thrown out as waste when there those that can find value in it.


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