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  • Hi.

    I received your email..  Looks like this method works..
    Are you looking to do a service or sell a product? 
    Generally, a service could be some like website design, motivational speaking(via CD, sessions, etc), repairing items (swap broke PS2 for good one for $40), logo design, coaching(as I am doing here), etc..
    Services can be really nice, but one thing should be noted..  It is very marketing intensive.  If you do not know how to market, generally, you don't get far in selling services..  But, that is why I am here, so if you are thinking a service, maybe a service you already do for others locally, I will help you bring it to eBay.
    OR, selling product..  Selling product is less marketing intensive as often the item will sell itself with basic marketing strategies, especially when it is a branded item (sony, RCA, etc).
    For selling product, there are generally three ways to get product cheap.. 
    But, before I get into either side, tell me which seems to be better to you..  Selling a service or selling product? 
    I will send you very broad, yet comprehensive detail on either side, which ever you choose, on the next email.  And then, from there, we can narrow down what "exactly" within service or product sales you are specifically going to focus on..
    1. Service Sales
    2. Product Sales..

    "" <> wrote:
    Maybe this will get through to you. I am using my secondary email address. Please email me back at to let me know you received this. None of my other emails made it to you. Not sure why.

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