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  • Hi Gary,
    The eBook business is on the website, but a lot of the materials come custom from me.
    Essentially, here is the rub.  About 90+% of those who sell eBooks on eBay have no clue what they are doing..
    If you just take an eBook, slap it on an ad, with a "generic ad", you are not going to get anywhere.  That is why I did not put a bunch of generic ads on eBay, as I would rather you succeed.
    SO, the idea is I coach you on how to even sell eBooks.  If you actually want to make real money doing it, you need to gain leverage over others.  The good news is this is possible and actually not that difficult.
    Most are just wanting to do no work, put no thought into what they are doing, wanting money to mysteriously just go into their account.

    The problem is we are in the real world and this DOES work in the real world, ONLY if you "outsmart" your competitor sellers.

    For, there are a gazillion of eBook sellers.  BUT, most do not think one iota.
    Essentially, you want to do quality sales.  You want to get as much money as possible from a transaction.  You don't want to get 30 cents from selling an eBook as others do, which essentially renders you NO money.  Rather, you would want to get $5 BUCKS from the same eBook.
    To give you an example.  I know one guy who was making $100 A DAY off one eBook on gambling tricks.  He would charge $10 bucks..  Now, if you are like the rest of the idiots on eBay, you will charge $0.50 cents for it and make no money.. 
    The secret is that eBooks don't sell themselves.  90% of those on eBay selling them think they sell themselves.  That is where they are wrong..  Due to their lazyness, you can trump them..
    Essentially, after you do the "outsmarting" THEN you can sit back and reap the rewards.  But, if you don't lift a finger to outsmart them, you will just be like the rest, getting no where.
    100 EBOOKS:
    For some reason, people think that if you have 100 eBOOKs rather than 10 eBooks, you are somehow able to make more money.  That is complete nonsense.. 

    Although I provide 100 eBooks on my website, you only need about 5 to 10 to make $50 or more bucks a day.   That is if you do QUALITY SALES.  Sometimes, you can find a killer eBook that will make you $50 bucks a day ON ITS OWN.
    But, if you are like the other lame brains, you wil make ZERO dollars selling 100's of ebooks.  Whats worse is that these people are so lazy, they actually still think they are making money, because they are TOO lazy to even do the math!
    SO, you need to first BUILD (outsmart) and then SIT BACK. 
    Now, if you are actually interested in making money with eBooks, write me back.  I can tell you the WHOLE NINE YARDS to how to do it.. 
    But, if you want to just be lied to by another sales pitch that tells you you can get rich, doing no work, not even lifting a finger, (i.e TV informercials), you will get no where..
    I am talking about the real deal way to make money, not some cheesy bullcrap scheme you here about everywhere that makes no money, save for the guy making the ad.
    I will outline all the details to actually making money on selling eBooks in the next email.  This is personal help, not some bullcrap automated, TV informercial package which does nothing for you.

    Gary Grant <> wrote:

    I recently purchased what I thought was a e book business from you on
    I thought I was purchasing a ebook business. When I look at you web site
    I fine stuff that I cant even get to open and pages that dont work.

    I would like a full refund as you promised in your ad. item # 5649273030

    Please send refund to

    Thank you

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