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  • Hi Steve,
    A really really easy way is to buy items and then turn around and sell them on eBay..
    I am going to show you some of the items I am watching that I think are good buys, as I believe they can be turned around and sold immediately for much more:
    For instance, I believe this one would be a good start, if you wanted to give it a try, as you can more than double what you paid for them in sales:
    You would have to put in on credit or something and as they sell, pay off the credit..  From what I could see, you can sell them for about 2.5 times what you will pay for them..  you would sell them one at a time..  Very high shipping costs..  Do some searches on eBay, and you will see people selling them individually..
    This is another good one..  You can buy and turn around and sell for solid profit:
    Yet another good one..  You can make easily triple to quadruple of what you paid on these:
    My brother and I sell these..  I am only telling you, as you are in a bad situation..  Any of the above will make you FAR FAR more than $65.

    Steve Baitinger <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
                This is Steve. Received your e-mails. I am willing to give something a shot,
    as I told you my only problem at this moment is time. I am pretty involved in music
    in my church, which is why I previously told you I could do about 10 to 12 hours a
    week starting out. Now that has changed. Yes my wife is a significant contributor
    to our income, so yes probably some quick money would be helpful. What you
    suggested in your email is a possibility. I don't know if you have anything in the
    music line, I do play sax and a little piano, don't know if there is anything there I
    could do.  I am not mechanically inclined but if you believe fixing the ps2's is
    relatively simply I am willing to give it a shot. If you could run 2 or 3 more ideas by
    me, maybe in the golf field, or outdoors that would be fine. I am open to about
    anything.  Thanks

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