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  • Hi Diane,
    Well, I can definitely help. 
    OK, there are MANY ways to make money on eBay, so we will need to narrow this down a bit.  I believe I am hearing you regarding not having the money there..
    Well, the good news is you actually don't need to use your money to obtain product.  I generally speaking, do not, as I have found it much wiser to use credit.
    Basically, I have used business lines, credit cards, etc to buy product..  Just as you can use "credit" to buy doodads, you can also use "credit", but in a good way.
    Essentially, the trick is to first do all the research before buying product and then after you have confirmed you are going to win no matter what occurs (controlled risk), then you buy the product.
    So, instead of buying a $400 TV from the store for your house, you could buy 10 TVs for $400 and sell them on eBay for double what you paid. 
    Think about this.  We humans are willing to buy a $150,000 dollar house on credit and not think twice about it.  But, when we think about business, we, for some reason, assume we have to use our own money and often are afraid to even spend $1000.  Now, your house will not make you money, unless you find someone who will rent from you.  On the other hand, a $1000 investment into the right product could make you $2000 in sales! 
    And, generally, most people have some credit they can use.  I know, there are circumstances where you can be maxed out, which I hope is not the case for you, where you are really in a pickle.  If that is the case for you, I can assist you with something else to sell other than product you have to invest money into..  There are product you can sell which will not require money upfront.  The problem, though, is you are limited on how much you can make.  That is why if you do have credit, it is wise to use it and buy the right product to sell.
    I will send another email after this one in a moment that will tell you how to obtain product at very low prices..  Please look it over..  Then, write me back with more specifically what you think will be of interest to you.  The more details, the more specifics, the better I can help you in developing a plan.. 
    I purchased your training course on eBay a few months ago.  I am finally ready to get started after many health problems delayed my progress.   I really need to find a way to make some serious money, preferably with little or no startup costs, on the internet.   I have experienced many health problems in the last few months that have drained me financially and are leaving me unable to do much of the work of my previous profession.  I need to get into something that can develop into a full-time business to support me as quickly as possible.
    I need your advice now, more than ever.
    I am interested in becoming a Power Seller on eBay, probably starting out by dropshipping or buying wholesale in small quantities.  I have been looking into wholesale dropshippers, but not found many that are truly wholesalers with low enough prices to make a profit on eBay.  Most of them are selling "wholesale" for more than I can buy the items on eBay daily.
    I have tried to get back into your  website again, but it no longer lets me in with the password I was assigned.
    Please send me a new password and help me get started asap.  I appreciate your help and look forward to working with you to accomplish my goals.  I am sorry for the delay in getting started.  As I explained earlier,  my health problems prevented me from starting when I originally expected to do so, but I really need your help to get back on track.
    Thank you for your understanding and help in this matter.  I look forward to your reply.
    Diane Stevenson

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