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  • Hi Steve,
    Both of the others were what I call small goods..  It is wise to sell big and small goods, as the small goods sort of even out the money flow..
    I sell those tweeters I sent you a link on..  My brother last year made $5000 alone off them.  Yeah, they don't look like a lot, but they are easier than crap to sell and send out..  Literally, no brains required..
    The PS2 is a good route to making money..  More than the tweeters, obviously.. 
    I got some other good ideas..  I think you will like these...  He he..  I have been doing this MYSELF right now..
    Check this out..  I just started doing this and this is GOOD..
    Seriously, it is pretty humorous, and I really feel like this is too much to give away for the price you paid, but there is a REALLY easy way to make money on eBay.  Simply, you buy from amateur sellers(or mega sellers who don't care) and resell at higher prices.  I do this.
    It sounds like something that might not work, when you first here it, but seriously, it works.  For instance, if you can find other sellers, who put no reserve on their auctions, have low starting bids, and they are selling name brand higher priced items, you have hit the jackpot. 
    I do it currently.  Basically, lets say you take any product.  Say its a Sony PS2, even.  Generally, they can sell for $120 to $160(slimline) on eBay.  There are ways to see this..  You can look at the already ended auctions by checking the completed items box on the left side menu when doing searches using the model number Playstation 2.  Lets say you find an auction, where there is an hour left and the price is only $50.  The idea is to watch the auction up to the last minute and bid at the last 20 seconds, but making sure you do not bid too high..  You need to take into consideration the cost of shipping from them to you as part of the price..  So, lets say it gets up to $70 and you bid and win at $75 + $15 shipping.  Thats $90.  You can turn around and sell it for $120 (+ make $5 profit on shipping) on eBay.  Thats $35 profit. 
    Believe it or not, there are items ending all the time that are low priced..  This works well and can be a very profitable way to do business on eBay.
    The trick, though, is you need to make sure you are not comparing apples to oranges.  You need find auctions that ended for basically the exact same thing to make sure it will actually sell at say $120..  For instance, a slimline will sell at $160..  So, if you are looking at bidding on a normal PS2, do not look at the ended slimline ones, as it will throw off your figures..
    You could end up making just as much buying a few of these a week..  You have to watch the ending auctions, but since there are thousands ending all the time, you have plenty of opportunities..  This could add more to your profits weekly..

    Steve Baitinger <> wrote:
           I  have decided to try the ps2 repair thing and see how that goes. I checked out
    the other 3 items you sent. Looked at completed auctions on all three. Frankly there
    wasn't too much going on with any of them unless I was searching in the wrong area.
    I looked at the last 30 days on completed auctions.  I am buying the repair guide
    today and we will see how that goes.  I have been doing a lot of running around so
    this is the first chance I had to do much.

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