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  • HI Justin,
    Generally, its good to narrow down what you want to sell, but usually, it will end up doing that to you on its own.
    OK, lets start with HOW to obtain these type products..  If you have any questions, just ask and I will give you more specifics..
    1. For DVDs  ---  you need to buy it on pallets (refer to SALVAGE Section below).
    2. Ipods / MP3 Players  ---- Well, with these, you can buy in a couple ways (one is on pallets as SALVAGE and the other is to do the WHOLESALE LOTS on eBay).
    3. PS2/Xbox Games/Accessories ---- Wells, you can do this one in two ways (Royal Electronics , buy illegal copies from former USSR(not recommended), buy pallets or WHOLESALE LOTS on eBay)
    4. XBOX 360 Games  ----- Probably Royal Electronics again..  They won't have salvage of this yet, but they probably have a few WHOLESALE LOTS on eBay..
    5. CLOTHING ----  Easy, SALVAGE Pallets..  Genco Auctions..  Type that in Google!  Genco is one of my main companies I buy salvage from.  30% of wholesale prices..  Name brand returns/overstocks (75% near new condition.  20% throwaway or parts). 
    6. Health ----- Maybe SALVAGE pallets of health, as I am assuming GNC and the other chains do have returns and overstocks and they do have to get rid of it to someone..  Just like all the other chain stores..
    7. Snowboarding ---- Haven't had anyone ask about this one!  I am thinking maybe WHOLESALE LOTS, definitely IMPORTS, not sure about salvage as there really is no chain stores selling snowboards..  Probably IMPORTS or WHOLESALE LOTS is your best bet..  With IMPORTS, you need money, or atleast credit.

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