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  • Hi Lin,
    I am not totally surprised to hear you were suspended from eBay.  I have been suspended, but it was a long time ago.
    Essentially, eBay usually gives beginners a lot of slack.  Possibly, they just made a mistake and suspended you rather than the right person, the seller..
    From what I know of the eBay rules (which I know quite well), you should not have been suspended..  All I can think is someone said you were bidding on your own auction, yet it was not your auction, but someone elses..  Thats about the only thing I can think of.

    You are barking up the right tree regarding the pricing strategy.  It is a little off, but you are mostly right regarding the higher the price, often the more valuable it looks to the customer.
    A better way to put it would be:  Make a solid advertisement and back it up with a solid price.   Often, people will make a solid ad and a low price or a sloppy ad and a low price. 
    I will send another email after this one, as it is going to be long..  Its sort of a outline of how to sell eBooks.  Sort of a crash course..  The idea is if you don't understand something said in one of the steps, ask me about it..

    Lin Boutelle <> wrote:
    It's great to hear from you and starting on Monday would be fine with me.

    Since we are starting out together I thought I would tell you a little about myself.  That  way you will have a better idea of how to teach me.

    My name is Lin Boutelle and I live in Tacoma, WA, about 30 miles from Seattle.  Go Seahawks!!!  I am on PST but I work late into the night also.

    I have a learning disability that has forced me to retire so I was happy to see that we will be using emails. Please do not be offended if I ask the same question twice, just tell me to read the other email and go from there.

    My ebay abilities: I have buying down very well.
    I was getting my ebooks in a row and ready to set up my ebay biz when I got an email from ebay.  Ebay advised me that two of the auctions that I had bid on and paid for, were illegal auctions and I was suspended from ebay.  It took me almost a month to get reinstated and I was the victim.  Go figure.

    After facing suspension for buying and paying for two auctions, I became very gun shy so I bought some websites to market.  You are correct, they are not doing well at all, no matter how much I submit to search engines and email market. 

    I have been doing some research on selling ebooks and other information products, which is why I signed up with you.  A part of my research was looking at ebook auctions and also viewing the sellers other listings.  By in large,  I noticed that  the same ebook was listed for different prices. ie buy it now, a straigt auction starting bid etc. 

    While I was researching, I also found that an ebook titled "traffic explosion"  would be auctioned for, let's say $1.95 with free email delivery  by some sellers while other sellers would have the same ebook for $9.95  with free shipping.  Yet other sellers would have it listed for $1.23  with $2.95 shipping. 

    Somewhere I read that the idea for email marketing via safelists and blasters etc, was that if you offered the ebook at to low of a price people would not buy from you because if the ebook was only $7.95 it might not be worth much, but if you offered the same ebook for $19.95 then it must be good.

    Having said all of this, I am very happy to have you as my coach and I understand the value of you sharing your website with me.

    Just an FYI, I do not know anything about putting photos on to an ebay auction,
    or how to make my auction template be eyecatching to bidders or anything like that.  Somehow the artistic gene passed me by. 

    Also, I do not know html but if you think that I need to know that I will start studying that as well. 

    I will value your coaching, but I am also very interested in hearing from you about your offer to work with me beyond your coaching assistance.  When you feel the time is right, just email me and tell me about your proposal and we can start working together on that part also.

    Thank you again,
    aka ebooker3

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