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  • Hi Gary,
    Lets start simple and then go to the automation, as I can see you are not super proficent with the internet.
    Simply put up an auction for the eBook.  When someone wins, simply email it to them.  That is the old fashion "manual way". 
    Then, after you have seen some money and want to goto the next level, you can automate everything ONE step at a time..
    1. All you do is go to your normal email account, and then open another browser and goto the auction where your customer won. 
    2. Find his email address and copy it (Ctrl + C) and go over to your email account and paste it (Ctrl + V) into your email message's TO: blank. 
    3. Click the the attach button on the message.  It usually is designated by a little paper clip graphic.  Find the place on your computer where you downloaded the eBook to.  For instance, C:/eBook/****.txt
    4. Now, write a small message in the email indicating that you attached the eBook to your email. 
    5. Then, simply send the email, as you do normally. Thats it..
    WITH THE COMPUTER, IT IS A STEP BY STEP PROCESS.  I know, as I have to teach my mother new things occassionally and have been doing so since she first got onto a computer..  She works for me and I know if I just told her how to automate selling eBooks, she would have NO CLUE what I was saying.  But, if you gradually learn it, it will become apparent and will automate some here and there..

    Gary Grant <> wrote:
    I guess im just stupid, but I did down load a e book but then I was loat as to where to go with it from there. I guess I need step by step instructions for how to make this thing work.
    I really would like to start making some money selling on ebay.

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