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  • Hi John,
    Where to get virtually every name brand item you see in stores for about 1/4 of the regular in store price.
    The main company to buy from for that is:
    They are the main logistics provider for VIRTUALLY EVERY CHAIN STORE IN AMERICA and some in the UK and Canada and Australia
    So, they are kind of big.  And I have bought $150,000 worth of product from them, so I know how it exactly works, how much you will make, what to avoid, all the steps to getting setup, etc.
    You will make double to triple what you paid, because people on ebay pay about 63% of the regular store prices (from various calculations I have done in the past over thousands of products).
    Only Plasma TVs and Sear's Microwaves..
    Everything else is pretty awesome, from what I know.
    You probably know this, but to sign up with genco, you have to have some sort of business and you have to fax in some contract you sign.. Like 15 pages of contract, which repeats itself sort of..  Just sign and fax.. 
    After this, they give you a username and password and you can see the "manifests" or lists of products..
    Here is an example list..  Remember, you do not pay the "Ext Cost" shown on the right, but actually about only 30% of it... So, probably about $600 for the below..
    The bid actually starts at 10% of the "Ext Cost".  So, if you are lucky, you can get it under 30% if no one else bids..  Pretty rare, but I do believe I have won a couple really cheap, like even under 20% before..
    Not sure if you can understand all the abbreviations below, but here is an example:
    SON HTIB, HTDDW700 800W = Sony 800 Watt Home Theater in Box Model HTDDW700.  Just punch in HTDDW700 on ebay and you will probably find it selling..
    BL#: P0138677 Facility: Sears Auction Grove City OH
    Item ID Description Qty Cost
    0342071000 16"HMSTD-VP,VNTG PWTR-MF 1 48.07
    0342076000 15"LGHTHS,BRMSHD BRZ-MF 1 168.25
    0347188000 3L BATH,QL POL CHR DORIAN 1 79.93
    0347544000 3L BATH BAR,MN LNR IRN OX 1 92.81
    0348712000 VANITY 3L,MF PERUV IAN BZ 1 72.11
    02018030000 SINGER,SEWING MACHINE 1 149.50
    05743336000 MAG,14"FLAT,14MS2331/17 1 83.38
    05744455000 TOS,20'TV/DVDF,MD20F52 1 183.43
    05749674000 TV 20", KV20FS120 SONY 1 204.24
    05790106000 SNY STEREO, CMTNEZ30 1 85.68
    05790906000 JVC STEREO, UXG50 1 123.29
    05798014000 HT SYSTEM,KS4102-KSS 1 143.26
    05798116000 SON HTIB, HTDDW700 800W 1 172.49
    05798126000 SNY HTIB, DAVDX255 1000W 1 243.21
    Total 14 1,849.65

    John Johnson <> wrote:
    I spoke with you a while back.  How do I go about finding/buying trailers of resalable items?
    Thanks for your time.
    John Johnson

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