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  • Hi.
    No, its not risky at all.
    Why would you think it is risky?  There is no risk if you can predict all the variables..
    Its really simple, once you know the math..
    If you buy product from say Genco and you know that 80% of it is sellable, all you do is this:
    Price you pay / 0.80 = Effective Price you Paid.

    You buy a pallet with several electronics on it.  One item is say a Sony 50 inch TV KF50WE620.  The wholesale is $1350.  You pay about 25% of that, which is $337.50. 
    It sells for $750 on ebay:
    SINCE you know that 80% of the product on the pallet is "good", the effective price you paid for the item is:
    $337.50 / 0.80 = $421.88.
    That is the "effective price" you paid, assuming that only 80% of the product you have is sellable..
    So, you net: 
    $750 - $421.88 = $328 profit! 

    Isn't that a little risky? Like with my lamps, what if they just don't sell?

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