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  • Hi Ryan,
    Actually, yes, I can help out. 
    One thing I have noticed that is generally low priced, yet makes good money on eBay are accessory lots..  For instance, there are a few car audio and pda accessory lots on eBay that I and my brother have sold..
    So, to make it easy, simply goto one of these types of categories on eBay and type in "lot" and see what it comes up with..  For instance:
    Ipod Speaker Lot
    All you do is find a decent lot, figure out how much you can sell each item in the lot for individually (by doing searches on eBay, checking the completed items box on the left side menu) and then calculate what you want for profit, so you can find what you would be willing to pay to get the lot and try to win the auction for the lot..

    Ryan Martin <> wrote:

    Hey Anthony,
    Can you help me find something that is low-cost to start out with? I will
    not have any problems investing everything gained into my business, but I do
    not have very much money to start out with. My time, I believe, is fairly
    limited to offer a service, so what would be a good place to start?


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