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  • Hi Justin,
    Concerning DVD movies, you have to cover all of your bases..
    So, it can be a partially complex process, as you have to buy popular items at low prices to get the right type of sales and the right kind of profit..
    If you just buy any movie pallet, even if they are cheap, you could end up with a bad situation..
    So, the trick, is to find the supplier that does have the popular titles.  And to know if he is bullcrapping, all you need to do is go to Blockbuster and write a few of the popular ones down, so you have some bearing..
    BUT, there are of course easy things to deal with on eBay..  I think there are things that are better to sell..
    For instance, accessories for consumer electronics, such as mp3 players, ipods, pdas, car audio, etc.. You can find such items in "lots" on eBay..  Just goto the main category of such items I just mentioned, type "lot" into the search engine and check out some of the deals..
    For instance, tweeters, speakers, or any other accessories that would go with such items..
    Or, you could buy salvage product..  To find salvage product, simply do a search on for "salvage, pallets, surplus, electronics"
    For instance, here is one company that sells salvage that is good:

    Justin Grubb <> wrote:
    Hey Tony I would like to thank you for all the great information you passed on to me.  I have done some research on the internet and am having a hard time on deciding what to sell on ebay.  I looked into buying whole sale lots of dvds but I'm not certain that they would actually sell.  Because most of the time you get no name movies that no one has actually heard about.  I also looked into electronics but it looked like I would have to buy them by the pallet spending at least a few thousand dollars. 
    So I was wondering if you actually beleive that I could make money selling dvd's, because I'm not sure that I could.  I also wanted to know what you would recommend me to sell just to get my feet of the group?  I want it to be something easy, and it doesnt even have to make a huge profit.  So if you could send me idea's that would be great, and if you could include more websites where I could buy whole sale merchandise in small quantities.  Thanks

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