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  • Hi.
    I can give you TONs of good websites.
    To make it clear, there is no one better than me on eBay offering this service.
    I will give you SOME good places to buy now and then, after you remove the complaint on Paypal, I will give you more.
    All you had to do was simply ask.  I did not receive any email asking me to just list a bunch of websites.  If you would have asked, I would have told you.
    This one alone is worth FAR MORE than you paid:
    Just got an add from them that you can buy 600 electronics for $9000.  That is INSANE low.  In other words, a full semi or more for $9000.  ALL NAME BRAND.
    They are RETURNS, salvage, as I probably have mentioned before.  Salvage is generally the best product to buy.  About 80% of it is sellable at about half of the retail price.. You generally pay about a 1/5 of the retail price.
    This one has TONS of companies listed selling salvage.  About 50 to 100 companies..  This is only PART of where I buy from..
    I buy from eBay also.. I buy from other sellers and turn around and sell on eBay..
    For instance, here is one deal that will make you money:
    You can sell them for $0.99 + $15.95 S&H.
    You pay about $5.80 each for them.. You can sell probably 1 or more a day, depending on how many auctions you have up..
    You can make about $6 or more profit net on each one you sell.  So, you will be taking in about $1700 for 100 of them, paying $580 or so to get them in the first place, then you have eBay fees, shipping fees, which would be about $400 give or take (being totally realistic, adding in every factor).
    So, right there, if you buy that, you will make $600 profit selling them over a month or so.. 
    I am NOT buying these, so you will get no competition from me.  I can tell you how to do every step, if you need.  Its pretty simple, though..

    Eimantas Jazokas <> wrote:
    I asked you many times to send me a list af websites or something for the good deals but I didnít get reply I know one good dropshiper like but prices not as good but you still can make a few bucks, so I am looking for more or I would like to try ebooks but description downloads doesnít work on your website and I donít want you to find me exactly the product just send me the list so I can find myself or you can refund the money.

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