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  • Hi Tom,
    Hawaii, man, thats cool.
    I think you are the second person from an Island to buy my coaching.
    One thing I can do for you right off the bat is tell you what doesn't work.
    FIRST, dropshipping generally does not work.  I spent months on that one a long time ago and I did a great amount of research, found what I thought was the best probable dropshipper and discovered that their items were hard to sell for profit and on top of that they had a hit or miss type of job on their end.  Sometimes, they would be out, sometimes it would be backordered..
    Essentially, about 1/4th of dropshipping products are even worth your time and generally you can find products on your own that will make you twice as much profit.
    To make a long story short, not much sales, not much profit, lot of headache..  So, dropshipping, essentially, is harder than standard business.
    SECOND, making your own websites, getting the sales going, etc is pretty difficult.  Basically, I have found eBay to be about 4 times easier to sell on than your own website.  Also, you can far more easily get your sales up into the high numbers.
    I have a couple websites.  I have made money on them, but it was on par to selling on Yahoo Auctions or  Basically, one to two sales a day.   BUT, with eBay, you can easily get 20 sales a day.  There really is nothing that compares with eBay, when it comes to making profit and geting the sales.
    I have tried just about all the top websites to sell on.  Across the board, nothing compares to ebay.  I have sold on Google, bought all the manuals, tried all their "killer strategies" and found that Google is a profit killer.  It seems to me to be more expensive than eBay in the long run, but maybe I am biased on this..  I did not try every technique on google and possibly, Google can compare to eBay in power, but I just have not seen it..  For instance, one thing I did not really try was name brand items, though I did try to sell both services and product.  Name brands add a lot to sales, so I could be wrong on this one aspect.
    From there, we can discuss how to sell on eBay.  I know just about how everyone has made it on eBay, including that top seller who charges $1000 for coaching..  Matter of fact, he probably saw my auction and decided, "Hey, if he can do it, I can do it".  BUT, maybe I just never saw him..  To my knowledge, there really was no one coaching on eBay before me on the level I am doing it.. Atleast, within the last year.
    OK, this email can be really long, so I will just stop here, or it will be very long, AND I will ask you a couple questions..  When I get the answers, then, I will know better what to write you and you will get lots of information to soak in.. 
    1. Do you want to sell regular physical product or do you want to sell services?  For instance, a Dewalt miter saw is a physical product and this coaching here is a service.
    2. Now, what type of services or what type of physical product interests you? 
    3. Do you want to know how I find all the low priced wholesale companies, or do you want me to just give you some sources?  The how is far more valuable, but for some reason, some just aren't patient to learn..  Sort of like teaching to fish or just giving you a fish..

    Tom Ledford <> wrote:
    My name is Tom Ledford and I live on the island of Oahu and I'm in the Navy and stationed at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  I already opened a basic ebay store a week ago and have been an ebay member for seven years.  I did sell golf balls several years ago on ebay and made about 400.00 a month but after six months of doing this I lost my supplier and that was that.  One of my biggest problems is knowing how and were to find the best places to be able to create a really good looking auction and how to write good ad copy.  I do own three websites that I'm trying to get launched but I seem to keep running into problems.  I'm not very good with HTML and websites codes.  Believe me I know that I can make alot of money with my websites and I know that I can make alot of money using ebay.  I have had enough of trying to figure things out on my own.  I've spent thousands of dollars and wasted several years of my time with nothing to show for it.  I finally decided to look for coaching because the secret to anyone being a big success is to find someone that has already done what you want to do and then emulate them.  Fortunately for me you came along.  You are the first to offer coaching that I have found on ebay.  I did see someone that has been on ebay from almost its enception selling coaching for 1,000.00.  That is something that is not very affordable for this Navy guy.  I would like to get some help on building really good auctions that sell and I would like to learn the ins and outs of ebay as we go along and what things are actually selling on ebay.  I have been looking around these last couple of weeks and have found alot of different wholesalers and dropshippers but I don't know who the really good ones are.  I was thinking about selling through SMC, wholesale golf products, electronics hawaiian nitche products and information products.  I will be checking out your site to learn more about ebay and i'm interested in whatever else you have to teach beyond coaching.  I would like to make 400 to 500 per day just like you are making but I need to learn all these intricacies and stop floundering around spending money needlessly on alll these different ebay how to's that alll say the same thing.  I just got married in December and I would like to be able to make this into a fulltime business for me and my wife and be able to get out of the Navy and finally have the home business that I have always dreamed about but have not been succesful at getting.  Please be patient with me, I want to treat this opportunity like I'm in school but better because of having individualized attention.  I'm looking forward to working with you and becoming a powerseller in the next three to four months myself.  My phone number is 808-230-4880 if you ever want or need to call me.  Oh, and by the way my home town is Battle Creek , MI.   Also, I consider your opportunity to be a blessing and an answer to my prayers.  I've been looking along time for just one break and now here it is.  Thanks again.

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