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  • Hi Rob,
    Regarding the descriptions, I decided not to just give you some lame generic description, as others potentially could be using it.
    To get an edge over others, you must out market them.
    Essentially, with eBooks the trick is to:
    1. Make a solid ad.
    2. Maximize its placement (variety of categories, using a variety of keywords).
    3. Back it all up with a solid price ($5 bucks average).
    The idea is to go for quality, rather than quantity.  About 90% of those selling eBooks on eBay have no clue what they are doing.  They will sell their eBook at rediculously low prices like $0.30 cents, which you might have noticed.

    The problem is, they don't get it.  People will not buy when it is that low, first.  Second, you can easily get MORE sales putting it at $5 bucks.  Third, you want to back up all the value you built up in their minds from the ad by putting in a good price..
    To know what an eBook will sell for, all you do is take the eBook you are thinking about selling, do a search on eBay, check the "completed items" box on the left, click the "show items" button below that and then, select "highest price first" at the top to the right.
    That will show you the highest price that eBook has sold for in the past.  It will also give you the perceived value to a customer when an item is sold correctly (assuming the highest sold was sold by someone who had some marketing tricks).
    I can tell you far more..  Just write back..
    Essentially, if you know what you are doing, you can make as much from one eBook as many make from 20.  Then, when you got the one right, you can just keep adding more till you have solid quality sales..
    I know one guy who was selling a gambling eBook for about $10 bucks a pop and he sold about 10 a day..  Imagine that.. 

    Billing <> wrote:
    Sorry, I did find the e-books. But none of the ad descriptions work. It all goes to page not found.
    Rob Woodward
    Provectus Enterprises

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