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  • Hi Carrie,
    Here is another thing to think about..
    If you are really focused on health, you might want to consider looking at providing a "service" or a product focus on health..
    What I mean is, for instance, I coach people on how to sell.  So, I have a focus on it..  There are people who build their whole business around one concept..  For instance, George Lucas built his whole billion dollar business around the fantasy world of Star Wars.  Or, Richard Simons, around helping people to loose weight in a caring way.
    There are people on the net, that make their living solely on one great health concept.
    For instance, I get emails from this guy regarding exercise:

    He makes all of his income off his "theory" on exercise and since it is a good concept, it sells.  Of course, it is more a "guy thing", but, of course, there is the flip side of the coin.  Possibly a novel theory on health for women. 
    Here is a guy on eBay who makes his whole living off teaching people to be positive and successful in the thoughts, so it comes to pass in their life:
    I know he makes probably around $300 every day off eBay alone.
    BUT, I am not sure if you would like trying such a thing.  Maybe, you are just thinking about just selling a variety of product.  If that is the case, please indicate and I will coach toward whatever direction seems of interest to you. 

    Carrie Jalbert-Berry <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,
    Here's where I am at this point. I have been researching ebooks and reading your your site. Great stuff.  I am also thinking that besides a good quality ebook on diet, fitness, & health that I might  do health related software. Seems like there is a demand after checking overture. Are you aware of any other wholesalers out there that may carry software. I did check out the ones listed on your site and didn't really find anything. I spent the weekend checking out wholesalers on line but am not sure if one is better than the other since I'm a "newbie"at this.
    Any insight you you could offer in this area would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanx for your help.
    Enjoy the day!

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