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  • Hi Tom,
    Actually, that is an easy one..
    Do some surfing on eBay.  Find an auction that looks nice and is not too elaborate on eBay and simply copy it.  Then, open up eBay, like you are going to put up a new auction and in the description area, paste it into the "Standard" area.  Edit it to look like a generic template for your auctions, by deleting details and just putting in something like ***** where a title would be, etc.  
    For instance:
    New ***1***
    This item is in ***2*** condition and works ***3***.
    Shipping costs are ***4*** and shipped by Fedex.
    Then, click on the "Enter your own HTML" and you will see a ton of code.  Copy all the code.
    Then, open a text editor, paste it all and save the file as a *.htm extension.
    From there, whenever you want to make an auction, you just open up the file in text form, copy it and paste it in the description and change the title, graphics, etc in the "Standard" setting.

    Tom Ledford <> wrote:
    Thanks Tony i will look into that and let you know what I find out.  The other problem that I'm running into is how to create a really good looking auction that catches peoples attention and looks professional not just a standard auction.  Any ideas?

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