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  • Hi.
    Sounds like you and I have a similar background.
    I was a mechanical engineer.  Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
    But, I quit my engineering job about 4 years ago and never went back.. Have been selling on eBay and putting my software in big chain stores ever since..
    I have a theory on what would be best for you on eBay:
    + This sounds like something that might fit you well.  You provide a service to businesses on eBay, where you have a focus on "business management" where you would make product and services focused on this one topic or one related topic.
    There are people on eBay who do this and make good money. 
    FOR INSTANCE, here is a guy who focuses on only "motivation for success".  He makes probably about $300 a day, every day:
    So, I am thinking, you could take your management on a broader level to eBay..  Possibly, it would be a "service" or maybe audio CDs where you tell people how to do certain things within management, or you name it.
    BUT, what is wise is figuring out which products would sell.  So, the best thing to do is think up a product related to management and then do searches on eBay to see if others are selling related items..  If you need help doing this, just ask.
    + I know how to get just about any product.  If you are interested in just buying product and reselling it, I can tell you how..
    + If you want to know how to sell eBooks the right way, just ask and I will explain as good as I can..

    Imants BVBA <> wrote:
    Hello Tony,
    Thank you for sending me the product.
    I will introduce myself: my name is Marcel Imants, I am from Belgium, and I am a Master of Science in Electronics(University of Louvain).
    My age is 56, I am married and 2 children (26 and 28).
    I am an independent management consultant since 1992.
    I have Internet experience: I sell my management Powerpoint Presentations at
    I want to start an ebay business as an extra income.
    I prefer to sell information products, but I am open to other products. Now that you know my background, you can maybe give me some advice which kind of products go well at the moment
    I will go through your website now, and will come back to you when I have a question.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Best regards,
    Marcel Imants
    Imants BVBA

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