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  • Hi Cindy,
    It is very easy now to automate eBook sales.  So easy, as eBay just started a program not even a week ago, where they will AUTOMATICALLY send your eBook for you.  Here is the link that explains it all. 
    It is easier, as the old method you would have to put the program on your server and you would need to know how to get to your server to even do that.
    Now, its so easy, anyone can do it. 
    But, these mere technicals are really not what is "important" compared to actually knowing how to sell.
    1. You don't need to sell 20+ ebooks to make good money.
    2. It is not wise to use some generic "ad" which you get out of some "biz in a box".
    3. Create a solid ad, place it good, and then back it up with a solid (highest people will pay) price.
    4. The quality of an eBook is really not as relevant as you might think.  The sale, especially with eBooks, is about 75% marketing and 25% the product.
    5. If your competitor is selling the EXACT same eBook but at $0.30 cents, it does not follow that you have to be in a similar price range. 
    6. People judge the value of your eBook first off your ad and second your price.  If you have a killer ad and a low price, they will assume it must not be good.  If you have a bad ad and a high price, they will just laugh.  If you have a good ad and a solid price, they will buy it more often from you than the other sellers.
    Now, the above is straight fact.  From my experience, most have no clue what they are doing when they sell eBooks, hence they don't make good money.
    If they just new the above, eventually they would realize how idiotic it is to put an ebook at $0.50 cents and use some silly generic ad. 
    FOR EXAMPLE:  One of the guys I am coaching told me he used to sell a "gambling" eBook, where he would sell it for $10 each and sold about 10 to 12 a day. This is about $120 a day on a good day.  NOW, most ebooks cap at about $5 bucks each.. I can show you how to deterimine this for any eBook, if you ask..
    Now, compare that to most selling eBooks, who charge $0.50 and sell maybe 1 a day.
    Have you looked at any of the e-books in YOUR website.  The advertise someone elses ebay store.  How on earth is anyone to use this.  You advertised a fully automated E-book business.  I can't use that. 
    I would respectfully request my money back.  Please let me know what you want to do, my ebay numbers are : 5660656524  and   7584770804
    thankyou for your time.

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