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  • Hi Peter,
    Interesting on idea on the bundle.
    I did a sly trick a long time ago, that you might want to try..  For some reason, no one seemed to complain.
    Basically, I would offer two products in my ad, but tell them the second one costs an additional, say $7.  Then, when they bought from me, if they did not pay right away, I would send them a bill for the two items.  Most of the time, they would pay. 
    The items have to be rather complementary, though.
    Also, it would be a question of automation..  For instance, I would put these two items on CD, but they could have been download ebook style.  But, I left them on CD, as I could milk the shipping costs..
    Of course, some would think this is wrong.  I don't do it anymore, because I did not want people to think anything bad.  But, it seemed at the time, no one complained.  You generally know if people are not happy, as they flood your email box.
    So, there is a CD factor, to milk shipping and to add extra products, if they are interested.
    BUT, you could also just go with full automation, as you mentioned..
    My steps on automation.  They are crash course style and for some, they will not understand my points, so if a step does not make sense to you, ask me to explain.
    Here is the software you need to buy to do the automation.  I am not selling this software, but someone else is: .
    This is so you know I am not upselling you, as I mentioned an example of above with putting two complementary products and sending an invoice for both..
    I don't do any upselling anymore, period.  I don't even collect email addresses and I don't do any email lists anymore..
    Those are work good if you are ONLY providing a service (fitness coaching, business coaching, etc).  That way you can get return customers.  Perry Marshall and a lot of his ilk do it..  Its NOT bad, but it is not something ideal for the average eBay seller.
    Another situation where collecting data about previous customers would work is if you are a MEGA seller on eBay.  I mean more mega than even me..  Like 40,000 or 100,000 feedback.
    You don't have to sell just eBooks.  Man, there are so SO many things out there you can sell.  I can tell you how to get most any product cheap.. 
    If you would like to know about this, just say the word.  

    Peter <> wrote:

    Hi Tony,

    >Good point regarding the automation, seeing now eBay offers this new

    yes, but unfortunately they offer it only in SOME categories at the moment.
    Thus I nevertheless need a good automation software. Do you have one or can
    you recommend one?

    Regarding the products: my plan is to BUNDLE several eBooks which fit
    together in a good way in order to increase the overall value.

    I'm just doing that since two weeks at .
    You can congratulate me, today I made my FIRST SALE :-)) Traffic comes from
    Google AdWords which is quite expensive, but I wanted to have market proof
    of my BUNDLING idea.

    Next step could be to try this on ebay as well. That for I have to create a
    different bundle because the products of
    which I own MRR/Resell Rights for, do not allow to be sold on an auction.

    But in general - do you think this is a good idea - bundling several ebooks
    and sell them as a PACKAGE?

    Thanks for your honest advise


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