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  • Hi.
    From what I understand, you should be able to change your username and still keep your feedback.
    I am guessing, it would warn you if you went to change your username and it was going to get rid of your feedback.

    It doesn't warn here that it changes your feedback, so I am quite sure you can do it and keep your feedback.
    Well, actually there is a very logical way you can do this to ensure your product is a sure seller.
    Its pretty logical too.  Basically, you take the product you are interested in buying and you do a search on eBay.  THEN, you click the "completed items" on the left side menu and click the "show items" button.  This will display the history of sales for the item you are thinking about buying.  ALL the green ones are items that sold.  All the red are ones that did not sell. 
    So, if you notice how many green ones a day sold, you will know how many will sell a day on eBay..  Some items are like 5 sold a day, but there were 20 auctions, so 15 reds.  This is not necessarily bad if you assume you will sell 1 out of every 4 times you list. 
    Others will sell like as high as 70% of the time..  This one you can bank will sell 70% of the time if you list it, assuming your ad is atleast as decent as the ones that sold and you price is in the same range..
    If you want, I can give you a real world example and walk you through it..
    Basically, I can tell you where to buy name brand items for cheap.  Why are they cheap?  Because they are return/salvage/overstock items.  The chain stores get returns everyday and some items can not be resold, due to them missing one item (i.e. ~ TV missing manual or maybe remote).  Most of it is resellable.  But about 15% is throwaway (doesn't work and not easy to fix).  You just factor in this when buying..
    So, if you want to know where to get these name brand type of items, here is one good company.  There are many and you can just do a simple search like:
    Pallets salvage returns
    One company you can buy from: 
    There are many and you can find them through .
    Give me an example product you are interested in selling and I will walk you through the process of ensuring it will sell.

    Cathy Nagy <> wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    My ebay user id is msbichongirl. I would like to
    change it to go with my store but I wasn't sure if I
    could without losing my feedback status. I have had a
    hard time finding something to sell. How do I know
    what items will sell? I am afraid in investing in
    something and then being stuck with it. Right now I
    have listed home decor and things for around the
    house. But I am not confident that this is the right
    direction. Let me know what you think.


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