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  • Hi Peter,
    Actually, I am not talking about dropshipping..
    The trick is to go where no one else is or only few are going..
    I can tell you right now, everyone wants to dropship.  That is why the margins are low.
    eBooks, though, can be manipulated so you can make good money. You just find the most an eBook has sold for in the past (looking at eBay history "completed items" and displaying the highest priced first and finding the first green one).
    The idea with eBooks, which no one seems to get is that its all in the mind of the customer..  People assume that if you put a low price, more will buy.  This is simply not the case with eBooks.. They actually think its not that valuable or you would charge more than $0.50 for it..
    I think a good rule of thumb is $5 bucks for an eBook.  Some might sell for $3 or $4 and some for as high as $10 (one guy I knew sold a gambling strategy eBook for $10 a pop and was selling like 10 a day!). 
    Like I was saying, you need to go where others generally do not go.  Most do not go for the higher price, so that is where you need to go.
    Others all seem to go to dropshipping, so you should not go there..  You should, instead find out a way to get the same effect.. 
    For instance, I buy physical product, name brand items for 30% of wholesale.  All of them are returns/salvage/overstock from chain stores.  So, I hired my mother and brother to work as contractors (avoid the taxes) and they ship out the items.
    But, you have to sell a lot to get them good enough wages..  So, you have to sell a ton.  More than 30 or more items a day..
    Also, expensive items bring in more profit.  So, I try to buy expensive items for cheap and turn around and sell them..
    Here is one company that sells salvage/returns/overstock:
    Tony wrote:
    Hi Tony,

    thanks for the detailed explanation, I will check the digitaldispatch software.

    The bundling I wanted to perform not for upselling purposes but for differentiating from the other sellers.

    >You don't have to sell just eBooks. Man, there are so SO many things out there you can sell. I can tell you how to get most any product cheap..

    >If you would like to know about this, just say the word.

    Are you talking about dropshipping? Yes, I've heard about that - and the most IMPORTANT factor in this to find the RIGHT dropshipping partner.

    So you know the right ones? Great, yes please let me know :-))

    Have a nice weekend!


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