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  • Hi Terri,
    I will give you a list of good potential salvage companies..  You will need to contact them and ask them for pricing..  Often, you can request to be put on their email list from their website. 
    The websites below indicate having salvage product similar to what you mentioned..  Such things as makeup, woman's apparel, lingerie, etc.
    Some might have good prices, some might not.  A good pricing would be something like 30% of the wholesale price..  So, if its $40 in the store, its $30 wholesale and you would be paying 30% of that, which is $9 and it would likely sell on eBay for $18.
    Says Makeup in title, but doesn't show on page really :
    I found all of these doing a search on google.  Here is the search below..  Basically, when you buy a pallet of say makeup, you will get a great variety.  So you only have partial control over what you get.  But, the good news is it is name brand stuff that was in the store.  So, if it was in the store, it was definitely good stuff, as they have to make sure every square inch of their store is stocked with quality material just to make a profit.. 
    Click on the above search and you will see there are TONS more salvage companies and websites..  It might take a bit to look through them all.
    Once you have a couple you have contacted, talk to me BEFORE buying from them.  I want to make sure you buy from the right place and in the right way..

    Terri Turner <> wrote:
    maybe also Victoria's Secret clothing

    Anthony W. <> wrote:
    Hi Terri,
    Yes, you are thinking correctly.  I would say eBooks or software Cds are the small priced items and it is wise to do higher priced items also.
    For instance, any physical item you can sell for around $50 to $500 on eBay is good.
    I sell, often, electronics and hardware, but there are many other items that can be sold in higher price ranges.
    For instance, I know where to buy name brand clothing and department store items (whatever you find say in JC Pennys, for instance). 
    Basically, they are return items or what we call salvage.  They are returns/overstock items that they do not want to sell or can not sell anymore for whatever reason.  With electronics, it could be a TV missing a remote control.
    You pay about 30% of the wholesale price and you can turn around and sell it for double or even triple what you paid.. Of course, about 15% of it is bad, but most of it is good (85% after a little elbow grease on a bit of it).
    Beyond coaching, I was offering something where I would go in on certain businesses and help more hands on.  But, I am currently not doing this.  Maybe in the future..  I would get paid a small percentage royalties if I did this..
    If you would like to know how to buy salvage, write back and I will tell you some good places to buy from and how to locate them yourself..

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