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  • Hi Cathy,
    Sounds great..  Well, I just did a search on google and found some salvage companies that specialize on returns/overstocks for those type products:
    Now, I don't know these companies personally, as I have only bought from a few places, so approach everything with the relevant caution.  Meaning, don't just jump headlong into buying something quickly.  Do the research (their pricing, whats essentially on the pallets, etc).
    Here is the google search I got the above from..  You can see there are many more:
    I can help you out with this..  First you will need to contact some of these companies to get an idea of how much of what you are looking for they do have on hand.  You want to find one that has more on hand than the others, so you will be able to come back and buy again.  Then, you will need to check the pricing also..  30% of wholesale is good pricing.. 
    So, for instance, if an item is $40 in stores, its $30 wholesale and you would pay $9 and it would probably sell for about $18 on eBay.
    Greetings Tony,

    Well, I have thought about this and have done some research on eBay.  I would like to try selling comforters, bedspreads, and curtains on eBay.  I would love to find a very good source where I can obtain them at a good price and then be able to resell them.

    People are always wanting things for their homes and I did some searches on eBay for the items I mentioned and discovered a few people were doing very, and I mean very well with them.  I realize there is a lot of competition on eBay but there are also a lot of people looking to buy.

    Another thing I would like to sell is designer handbags.  My daughter had one and put it on eBay with a buy it now price that was almost what it cost at a store and it was purchased within 6 hours.  I want to be a little picky about the handbags I sell and would need a good source for those.  Being able to purchase the store returns without anything wrong with them would be a huge help.

    I am in total agreement with you about selling more than one item, which is why I purchased both your training offers.  I figured I could get the eBook portion set up and generating income while finding a good source for something larger.

    I have already set up a dba name of C & M Productions and will have my Fed ID as soon as I can get that.  I figure I have to have these to be able to purchase anything from the places you will be telling me about.  If there is anything else I need to do, please let me know.

    Talk soon!

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